About Euvic

EUVIC is Poland’s leading nearshore IT provider. It affords you easy and flexible access to highly-skilled and cost-effective workforce, listening and willing to adapt to your needs. We have 900 active customers around the world, including global corporations, small and medium enterprises and public administration and science institutions. Our headquarters is in Gliwice, Poland, and we have subsidiaries with delivery teams in Austria, Germany, the Netherland, the UK and in the USA. We specialize in Agile and Mode 2 software development. Approx. 90% of our revenue is in Mode 2 (based on Gartner’s bimodal delivery model).

Euvic in numbers:

Euvic Formation 2005

Euvic Formation: 2005

Revenues in 2019 PLN500M

Revenues in 2019: > PLN 500 M

Average Growth 15 3Yavg

Average Growth: 15% (3Y avg)

Offices 20

Offices: 20+

Number of projects 6500

Number of projects: > 6500

StaffIT specialists  3000

Staff/IT specialists > 3000

We have development centers in Poland’s largest cities

mapa Polska

Headquarters in Gliwice
  • 1800 m2 of office space (4000 m2 under construction)
  • Silesian Agglomeration: 14 Cities, 2 M People, 155 K Students
  • Walking distance to Silesian University of Technology Campus
  • Located directly at the entrance to A1/A4 highways
  • Easy airport access:
    • Katowice 33 km,
    • Kraków 82 km,
    • Wrocław 158 km

Flexible pool of over 1,700 developers skilled in many technologies

With Euvic you can get access to developers skilled in many technologies, including .NET, Java, Mobile App Development, Cloud Enablement & Development, Application Integration using several platforms, supporting existing applications in virtually any technology. You can get the programmers you need at once and even more effective than your internal development teams. We also have experience and knowledge how to derisk your projects.

You can have our cost-effective agile team members working for you both onsite (from our local-based delivery centre) and offsite, depending on their role and current project needs.


Peace of mind – one partner for many projects

The more projects you will entrust us with, the bigger benefits you will achieve, including the biggest one – peace of mind. Working on many interlinked projects, we take responsibility for all of them, coordinating the whole work. If there are any problems in the projects, we take care of them. Having all the needed information at hand, we are able to solve them much faster and with minimal involvement of your IT staff. As a result, you are able to provide IT solutions to business faster and without heavy workload.


Key Offer

Our offer includes a full range of services for clients both in Poland and abroad, including staff augmentation, software development, implementation services, application integration, cloud enablement, application testing, IT infrastructure, telecommunications and hardware solutions.


Phases of Cooperation

You can take advantage of our services throughout the entire software development lifecycle. We can help you to test or verify your digital ideas with a pilot or an ideation project, build your software based on Agile and DevOps principles, and then provide you with managed services to support its operation.


Gartner’s recognition in EMEA

EUVIC has been listed as a Representative Vendor in the Native Service Providers category of delivery options available in Poland, in Gartner’s February 3, 2016 report “Evaluate Offshore/Nearshore Countries for Outsourcing, Shared Services and Captives in EMEA, 2016”.