AI and Machine Learning Implementation and Consulting

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) implementation and consulting services from Euvic will enable you to create AI-driven software for your company quickly and cost-effectively. We have been involved in ML and AI-based projects for over 10 years. We help our clients not only by providing highly-skilled AI developers but also by advising them on which AI technologies they should choose, fine-tuning their strategy and prototyping. As a result, they can quickly verify their AI-related ideas and create bleeding-edge algorithm-driven software for their clients and employees.

Why choose Euvic for your AI and Machine Learning projects?

Our AI developers’ knowledge is certified by leading AI and ML vendors, offering AI-as-a-Service platforms (AWS, Google, IBM, Microsoft) as well as other tools.

Interested in analyzing large data sets? Correlating these data with others? Event-based alerting? Churn prediction and customer segmentation? Identity analytics? Chatbots? More? Happy to help!

We created one of the first AI-driven systems for forecasting stock market behavior in the early 2000s and ever since have been using different AI and ML components to build various software solutions for our clients.

We have AI and ML-related domain knowledge in a variety of industries including fintech, manufacturing, utilities, retail and more.

Our ML and AI Application Development Expertise

AI and Machine Learning Technologies We Excel In

We can write machine learning algorithms from scratch with Python and R and use multiple additional frameworks (e.g. Hadoop, Microsoft CNTK, Caffe) and libraries (e.g. NumPy, SciPy, SpaCy, Keras, DeepLearning4J, Theano) as well as AI-as-a-Service platforms.

AI-as-a-Service Platforms

  • IBM Watson Machine Learning
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Amazon Machine Learning
  • Google Cloud Machine Learning

Our Machine Learning and AI-Related Services

Strategy consulting and ideation

We will lead you through ideating, strategy and planning at the start, to decide which AI and Machine Learning components you should use for solving your business problem and to help you build a prototype and set up project requirements.

Implementation and integration

  • We will advise you on choosing the best Machine Learning and AI frameworks to implement your solution and integrate it into your existing business processes and legacy systems.
  • We will automate building, testing and deployment of the solution to a large degree, to reduce costs and make the project as cost-effective as possible.


We take advantage of the DevOps approach to bridge the gap between the development of Agile software and its operation.

Support and managed services

We use open APIs to maintain all the integration points, while at the same time supporting rapid evolution of technology on both sides of the integration in a comprehensive manner and making sure the system operates smoothly.