Azure IoT Central is now available to the public. What to expect?

It enables Rolls-Royce to predict the exploration date of the aircraft components and to reduce the time their planes spend on the ground. It provides a precise weather forecast for Alaska, that affects both roads safety and the state budget. Internet of Things. You neither  need cloud solution development skill sets, nor resources, to start digital transformation in your company right now.

Rolls-Royce, Johnson Controls, The State of Alaska, Roche – just to name a few of the companies that now relies on Azure for their cloud delivery. Rolls-Royce (not to confuse with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars) has more than 13,000 engines for commercial aircraft in service around the world. It also offers customers comprehensive engine maintenance services. With terabytes of data coming from large aircraft fleets, gigabytes per hour to process and analyze, the company decided to build a powerful and scalable data analytics system on the Microsoft Azure platform.

The Microsoft service is developing quickly as the demand for cloud solutions is growing. According to the newest IDC report „Industrial customers are ready for cloud – now”, 60% of end users prefer cloud-based service (SaaS) over on-premise services. They consider cloud’s true value is about enabling business to stay competitive and to better engage users.

After the preview in December 2017, Microsoft’s Azure IoT Central has just been made generally available to the public. It enables customers and partners to provision an Internet of Things (IoT) solution in less than a minute, customize it in a few hours and go to production the same day, according to Microsoft. Azure IoT Central is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution. It requires no cloud solution development expertise with its built on “global-scale and enterprise-grade” Azure IoT services – said the tech giant, during Microsoft’s annual event Ignite 2018.



The service is offered as a per device pricing model that offers more value as additional devices are deployed, while also containing a free offering for a small number of devices customers and partners can use during development for as long as they need.

Moreover, as recent FUTURUM study shows, about 2/3 of companies are currently utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) and the trend is growing. No wonder that Microsoft decided to make IoT SaaS solution available.

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