Business Intelligence - systems and solutions

Business data processing is the basis for the operation of all businesses. The number and complexity of the data translates directly into the effectiveness of the whole business. Therefore, it is necessary to structure and manage effectively the knowledge coming from many different systems.

Conscious decision-making

Business Intelligence systems help organizations to make the right business decisions based on hard data. Businesses differ in the ways of their operation and their problems, making implementation of such systems challenging, also from the organizational standpoint.

Appropriate preparation before executing such projects and our expertise supported by many years of experience allow us to successfully create even the most complex solutions.

  • Expert support during all stages of Business Intelligence projects.
  • Flexible ways of employing BI and Big Data experts and easy scalability of resources according to current business needs.
  • Design of solutions that are easy-to-use and available for all users.

Effective business strategy execution

Implementation of BI projects requires defining the scope of problems and questions, to which they need to provide answers. By supporting BI systems at all functional and technological layers, we create software tailored to individual needs of organizations to increase the effectiveness of adopted business strategy as well as making its adjustments easier.

Integration, unification and storage layer Analytics layer Reports layer Administration layer
  • ETL tools
  • Data warehouses
  • Basic reporting tools
  • Graphical data visualization
  • Advanced data mining tools
  • Analytical apps
  • OLAP aggregations
  • File servers
  • Information portals
  • Automatic information distribution tools
  • Responsible for controlling other layers

Appropriate knowledge structure

The main purpose of BI systems is creating broadly available access to the most meaningful information to support appropriate knowledge management and making that knowledge available to all stakeholders. Quick and easy access to coherent and up-to-date information allows decentralization of management, enabling organizations to make more informed business decisions and ultimately to the increase of effectiveness across the board.

What can we do for you?

New business possibilities

Business Intelligence projects help to structure owned information and develop new business possibilities. We utilize the leading technologies to fully benefit from their potential.

Business Intelligence technologies we use include


All businesses are different and each of them needs an individual approach. To meet our clients’ expectations, while executing BI projects we utilize many opensource tools and cloud-based Big Data platforms.

While carrying out BI projects we also use a number of open-source and cloud-based Big Data tools and platforms

Enhanced competitiveness

Business Intelligence projects that we execute are not only relevant in the context of business computerization, but primarily to enhancing the competitiveness.

  • Accelerated decision-making process
  • Increased profitability