A 360° service business model – what is it, and what benefits does it guarantee?

The IT market is changing very dynamically. Products and services evolve as fast as the expectations and needs of their consumers. The trend of sector and solution specialization has been evident for some time now. More and more often, there is a shift from a project approach to a process approach, and companies looking for IT partners are increasingly […]


The role of artificial intelligence in software testing

The core of all IT projects is their correct functioning. The software that is released for use should be free of errors, that is why the testing stage plays such an important role in the process of its production. Development and managing of processes, methods and methodologies for testing software are of key importance to minimize […]


Event Sourcing without secrets

Event Sourcing is a way of creating systems based on event processing. It is a real “buzzword” in the IT industry and a solution that brings many benefits, for example: easy scaling of applications, by distinguishing between Command and Query (in combination with CQRS) and asynchronous processes, full “history” of changes in aggregates, the so-called auditability, restoring the application […]

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Industry 4.0 without secrets

The Industry 4.0 sector is attracting the interest of an increasing number of people, and RPA, i.e. Robotized Process Automation, has become a buzz word. Taking advantage of this trend and wishing to respond to market needs, at the beginning of 2020, we decided to invest in Etisoft Smart Solutions – a company providing automation solutions for Industry 4.0.


PixBlocks – digital transformation of education

The PixBlocks platform is an intuitive tool that enables programming education for all kinds of people, regardless of age. It helps them learn Python block and text programming and can be used in both school and individual teaching environments. How was it created, what makes it different, and what benefits does it guarantee? You will learn it all from our interview with Krzysztof Krzywdziński – the owner and creator of Pixblocks.


Health Compliance in retail

I was inspired to write this article by an event that took place in one of the village shops belonging to the TopMarket chain. In a hurry, I jumped out of the car to do some quick shopping. In a hurry, so without my face shield, which, by the way, I have been always keeping in my car recently (I recommend it, it is more comfortable than […]

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Student internships in Euvic

Student internships are not only an obligatory part of the curriculum. They are also a great opportunity for development. In the future careers of young students, they often play the first fiddle, and if used properly, they will have a lot to offer them. What role does Euvic play in educating young talent?

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Technological trends in the retail industry in 2020 – Logistics

There is no doubt that logistics is one of the most crucial areas of trade. What’s more, along with the development of retail chains (only in Poland, several stores are opened every day) and the migration of retail to the Internet, the importance of logistics is continuously growing, and more and more companies build their key […]


8 critical success factors for outsourcing

When we have chosen the right IT partner, it is worth taking the next step and ensuring the proper start and then the overall course of cooperation. Outsourcing is undoubtedly a great way to quickly acquire qualified specialists and optimize IT expenses. What determines its success and how to effectively move it to a new, higher level?