8 critical success factors for outsourcing

When we have chosen the right IT partner, it is worth taking the next step and ensuring the proper start and then the overall course of cooperation. Outsourcing is undoubtedly a great way to quickly acquire qualified specialists and optimize IT expenses. What determines its success and how to effectively move it to a new, higher level?


Offshoring vs nearshoring – when and why?

Building your own internal IT structures is a solution which, although tempting, generates high costs. Getting the right IT specialists is very difficult, and the impact of AI, ML, and robotization on workplaces may cause the situation when the specialist employed today, tomorrow will not be necessary anymore.


Technological trends in the retail sector in 2020 – continuation

Continuing the review of the technological trends that dominated and will dominate the retail industry this year, we are almost halfway through the list. Today, we are going to explore issues such as quality and consignment. What are they, what is their role in retail, and what can they guarantee you? That, I hope you will find out from […]

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Body/Team Leasing in the Euvic group – a pillar reinforced with knowledge and experience of Edge One Solutions

The progressing digitalization makes the IT structures of modern companies complicated and the flow of data difficult. Moreover, without being an IT specialist, it is extremely difficult to keep your hand on the technological pulse. So, what to do to improve the current functioning of the company and ensure its future development? Nowadays, the key is the outsourcing of […]

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Intelligent rack, or consignment warehouse in trade

Consignment warehouses (in short, separate suppliers’ warehouses at the company’s headquarters) were initially used mainly in international trade and this is how they are nowadays understood in the light of the VAT Act. Their origins should be sought in the industrial sector, where there has always been a problem of ensuring continuity of supplies of raw […]

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Technological trends in the retail sector in 2020 – continued

Some time ago, I tried to bring you closer to several the hottest technological trends for 2020. Today, I would like to return to this alphabetical enumeration and present some more noteworthy trends. Many of you are probably already using them, but a lot of you still are not familiar with them. Is it worth it? I hope that my “review” today will […]


About K-Bygg

Kesko is one of the largest trade groups in Europe, with over 45,000 employees and 1,800 stores located in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Belarus. In 2017 sales of Kesko Group reached EUR 13 billion.


Robotization in retail & logistics – overview for 2020

As far as saturation with robots is concerned, the Polish market is unfortunately at the end of the rankings, which is quite surprising if we take into account, for example, Polish GDP (where we have 22nd place in the world) or Human Development Index (Poland with 32nd place in the world).


Retail under the watchful eye of MovStat, i.e. the power of statistics

How to accurately predict consumer behaviour? How to guarantee perfect customer service? These questions are a matter of course give many retail professionals sleepless nights, making them more and more likely to use the innovative solutions offered by technology.   Key in this respect may be the data collected and detailed statistics, analyses and reports prepared on their basis. Such tools […]