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Efficient Error Management in the manufacturing industry with BizTalk

The value of the market of production and sale of alcoholic drinks is estimated at over 50 billion PLN. The key success factor in this industry is the ability of companies to quickly adapt to new trends and changes in legal regulations while facing constantly growing competition. Companies are increasingly willing to introduce innovations. However, it is necessary to remember […]


E-commerce solutions for the home & decor market

The year 2020 has imposed a rapid pace of development on the e-commerce sector, and the increases in the digitalization of the society and the frequency of online shopping were among the highest in history. Providers of IT solutions and the e-commerce industry are cooperating closely, and the boundary between online and offline markets is becoming increasingly […]


Cybersecurity in practice

Using the right security management tools allows you to identify threats, implement safety measures and eliminate the risk of breaches quickly and efficiently. Taking full responsibility for our clients’ cybersecurity, we provide specialized services to help them maintain control over their IT environments.


Implementation of a billing system in the energy industry

The electric energy market is characterized by high dynamics of development and considerable complexity of sale and distribution service accounts. The key challenges in this area include the need for issuing invoices for thousands of customers at the same time and relatively frequent changes in the regulations governing this area. As a result, billing systems are nowadays […]


Cybersecurity – norms, standards, good practices

IT security is a business decision and one that has a real impact on the functioning of your organization. Those responsible for managing IT issues in companies should therefore, on the one hand, draw attention to the links between digital and business risks, and on the other hand, actively take care of better security management, ensure the appropriate […]

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Modernizing the IT environment in the public transport sector

The right choice of IT systems has a real impact on the cost efficiency of public transport. Introducing innovations in transport companies makes it possible to guarantee the reliability of their operation control system, to improve dispatch planning for drivers and vehicles, to react on an ongoing basis to occurring incidents, and to keep comprehensive reports and statistics.


Cybersecurity – trend, standard, challenge

The media around the world are reporting an increasing number of more or less successful attempted attacks by cybercriminals. This is why cybersecurity is becoming one of the top IT trends in 2021. This area, although not a new phenomenon, is evolving incredibly fast because of the large number of threats. That makes it stand out from […]

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Outsourcing of SharePoint competencies and IT infrastructure support for a client from the military industry

Mass migrations of people make it necessary to change the approach to security issues and consequently make it important to use digital technologies for border protection. Monitoring the movement of the population is of particular importance now, in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, the spread of which is facilitated by high levels of travel.


New methods in a very old business, or a couple of words about retargeting

The e-commerce market has been the fastest-growing branch of commerce for years. In 2018 its estimated value already exceeded PLN 50 billion in Poland alone. The events of recent months, namely the pandemic and the related restrictions on access to traditional retail outlets, have further accelerated the development of e-commerce, forcing many players to implement their plans related to digital […]