23 April 2021

FinTech – how are innovations at the intersection of finance and technology born?

The financial sector cannot remain indifferent to the digital revolution happening before our eyes. However, innovation and the rapid pace of change in this area already have […]
30 March 2021

Chatbots – the practical application of AI setting the course for modern businesses

Artificial intelligence is effectively reorganizing the way modern businesses communicate with their customers. It is crucial for automatic learning processes and flexible interpretation of automated business […]
23 March 2021

A holistic approach to call centers – how to build an effective ecosystem step by step?

We believe that communication with the customer is the foundation of any business. More and more often, we take full responsibility for the technology and implement […]
16 March 2021

The role of call centers in modern organizations

There is no need to explain that the call center is the first line of contact with customers and represents the brand in their eyes. It […]
15 March 2021

Euvic recognized by Clutch as one of the top Microsoft Office 365 consultants

Modern times call for digital solutions, but it is people who play a crucial role in their implementation. As a leading provider of IT services in […]
24 February 2021

Cybersecurity in practice

Using the right security management tools allows you to identify threats, implement safety measures and eliminate the risk of breaches quickly and efficiently. Taking full responsibility […]
17 February 2021

Cybersecurity – norms, standards, good practices

IT security is a business decision and one that has a real impact on the functioning of your organization. Those responsible for managing IT issues in […]
10 February 2021

Cybersecurity – trend, standard, challenge

The media around the world are reporting an increasing number of more or less successful attempted attacks by cybercriminals. This is why cybersecurity is becoming one […]
4 February 2021

Implementation of a dedicated Business Intelligence system for a client from the financial sector

Companies in the financial sector cannot remain indifferent to the digital revolution taking place before our eyes. They must constantly adapt their solutions to the dynamically […]

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