2 December 2021

Tourism in the digital age – what can new technologies offer aviation?

There are more than two thousand airlines in the world, and their operations generate between $750 and $850 billion in annual revenue. In 2019 alone, more […]
29 November 2021

Commerce Transformation Pillar

2020 was a breakthrough year, and it became a real accelerator for digital business transformation. Dynamically changing trends have forced businesses to rapidly transform the way […]
25 November 2021

Digital transformation of banking

Migrating to the cloud is a global trend that is being followed by a growing number of companies.  However, there are still some industries that are […]
18 November 2021

Supporting the energy industry in the area of IT infrastructure

The electricity sector in Poland consists of a huge amount of infrastructure, not only territorially concentrated but also dispersed. The intensive computerization of this sector allows […]
17 November 2021

Environmental responsibility in the IT industry – how to combine technology and sustainability?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is getting more and more important every year, becoming an indispensable element of every organization’s activity. The issue of environmental responsibility, which […]
4 November 2021

Data analytics as the key to success in retail

Data analysis has become an important trend in the world of technology. Each purchase, digital interaction or keyword entered into a search engine generates data about […]
28 October 2021

How is healthcare using new technologies?

Digitalization of the Polish health care system is not only an idea but now also a reality. Electronic sick leaves and e-prescriptions are already a commonly […]
27 October 2021

Performance Pillar

Today’s world is filled to the brim with modern technologies, and they are powered by data. If you do not want to stay far behind the […]
21 October 2021

Supply, installation and maintenance of equipment for a telecommunications client

Modern telecommunication companies are facing a great challenge. Competition in the market and the demands of customers are constantly growing. We are no longer satisfied with […]

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