Cybersecurity in practice

Using the right security management tools allows you to identify threats, implement safety measures and eliminate the risk of breaches quickly and efficiently. Taking full responsibility for our clients’ cybersecurity, we provide specialized services to help them maintain control over their IT environments.

But how do you start to strengthen your cybersecurity?

Start with an IT audit

The first and best step to verify and identify areas of increased risk in the operation of your IT infrastructure is an audit. It will allow you to discover the strengths and weaknesses of the IT environment and plan further actions.

An audit can cover the basic stock-taking of the IT environment but also take into account development plans (modernization and the purchase of hardware and licenses). The result is a special report summarizing the audit. On the one hand, it indicates specific, real threats, and on the other contains recommendations for action or presents an IT development strategy along with a budget plan.

Safety standards and policies

The audit itself, however, is only the beginning. To take care of the IT environment daily, it is also worth using professional IT consulting services, ensuring constant access to qualified IT engineers and specialists in the project, process, and security management.

As consultants, we help our customers define the technical requirements of their projects, perform research and development (R&D), and test implementations (POC). By providing professional IT security consulting, we will help you create policies, instructions, and procedures and provide support in the assessment of new products and technologies, guaranteeing your IT business continuity.

Focus on system and application monitoring

In addition to consulting services, our security professionals will also be able to monitor your IT infrastructure to ensure the availability of critical services, whether your environment is in a traditional data center or in the cloud. This service is provided 24/7/365 and can cover the whole or just a portion of your infrastructure and business applications.

The main purpose of monitoring IT infrastructure is to minimize the risk of failure, and if it happens, to react as quickly as possible according to predefined procedures. The sophisticated reporting system that we use allows us to present monitoring results to you in a clear and aggregated form, allowing you to observe trends and analyze events in detail.

Security Operations Center (SOC) – the next step towards security

If you have already completed the audit, you regularly benefit from professional IT consulting, and you monitor the performance of your systems and applications, it is worth going a step further and using the Security Operations Center (SOC) service. As part of this service, we will provide you, among other things, with monitoring of resources, identification of threats, correlation of events that may affect security, response to detected security incidents, tracking of changes and continuous improvement of security mechanisms. All these tasks will be performed within the so-called SOC triad, i.e. qualified staff, processes and technology.

Why do you need all this? To better monitor potential cyber-attacks and be able to prevent them more easily and quickly. According to a recent PMR study, the vast majority of companies do not have their SOC team. However, as the role of SOC is regularly increasing, more and more companies decide to outsource these competencies, getting in return a professional level service without having to invest in developing their security department.

Our SOC as a Service, provided on a subscription basis, allows us to take full responsibility for identifying potential threats, alerts, and anything else that could affect the emergence of potential incidents so that our customers can fully focus on their business.

How does this work in practice?

  • We fully protect your entire Microsoft environment (Office 365, Windows, Azure) as well as network and server infrastructure.
  • We help you implement SIEM tools such as Azure Sentinel and other IT security systems of various classes, including privilege management, DLP, encryption, vulnerability scanning.
  • We continuously monitor the security of your IT Infrastructure.
  • We assess detected threats to your IT infrastructure and provide rapid responses¬†incidents that may impact your organization’s operations.
  • We refer threats to your IT team or provide administration services ourselves, depending on the agreed support model.
  • We provide SOC services based on dedicated SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) class systems.
  • We ensure regular vulnerability scanning of the infrastructure conducted with the implemented tools.

IT security in Euvic

We know that for companies that do not specialize in IT, cybersecurity management is not only a big challenge, but also a big investment of time and money. That’s why, as an experienced business partner, we will gladly take on the burden of responsibility for this area in your company as well.

We operate according to global norms and standards in the field of information security, such as:

  • ISO/IEC 27000 series,
  • ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library),
  • NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology),
  • PTES and OWASP methodologies,

actively supporting you in preparations for the ISO 27001 implementation and the transition to process-based IT¬†management.

Knowing the concerns of our customers and the key role that IT plays in their business, we carefully select our business partners, working only with the very best. An example of this is our partnership with the National Cloud. Their team consists of engineers and architects with extensive experience in building IT solutions in the cloud environment and specialists in digital transformation and cybersecurity. Their support allows us to efficiently and safely lead you through the process of digital transformation and allows you to become an innovation leader in your industry.

While working on projects in the field of software development, body/team leasing, IT infrastructure, innovation, or digital, we are well aware of the important role cybersecurity plays today, and maintaining its highest standards is always a priority for us.

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