E-commerce solutions for the home & decor market

The year 2020 has imposed a rapid pace of development on the e-commerce sector, and the increases in the digitalization of the society and the frequency of online shopping were among the highest in history.

Providers of IT solutions and the e-commerce industry are cooperating closely, and the boundary between online and offline markets is becoming increasingly blurred. To take full advantage of the opportunities offered by e-commerce, it is necessary to follow trends and anticipate consumer demands through technological innovation.

A new look at omnichannel

Our client, one of the leading retailers on the Polish home & decor market, perfectly understands the need for development. That is why they asked us to help them with creating an extensive online product catalog tailored to the constantly rising expectations of their customers.

We created a centralized and well-organized catalog of clearly described products in an accessible format, fully adapted to the omnichannel sales strategy.  The catalog also provides many new opportunities such as multidimensional price calculations for different types of products. There are also possibilities to make a purchase online and to initiate the purchase online and finalize it at the point of sale, or vice versa (ROPO and reversed ROPO effect).

The combination of the possibilities offered by in-store and online sales, as well as the company’s own call center, guarantees wider access to information about stock levels, as well as more payment and pick-up options tailored to customers’ needs.

Modularity and system integration

Providing consulting and implementation services, we delivered SAP Hybris Commerce and ERP systems to our client. Both solutions are modular, and thanks to the use of one common database, they are fully integrated with each other. The use of specific components tailored to the user’s needs also helped increase work efficiency.

Customers were additionally offered improvements such as a home design inspiration library or mechandising, up-selling and cross-selling processes that help complete a transaction. All these solutions are intended to make customers’ purchase decisions easier, and consequently to increase the effectiveness of sales processes. Using this modern channel, customers can place orders unassisted, and thanks to functionalities such as shopping lists or purchase history, also increase the regularity of their transactions.  All this translates into satisfaction of buyers who receive personalized offers and products fully customized to their needs.

Digitalization of purchasing processes leads to optimization of the time spent by both customers and store employees. The system can be accessed at any time and any place in the world. With the help of e-commerce platforms, companies gain direct feedback on their products, giving the possibility to adjust their offer on an ongoing basis. All this allows you to forecast trends and increase savings from successful investments.