Development of technology in the field of EDTECH & HRTECH

We learn all our lives. Ever-changing world, digital revolution and social changes made us perceive education in a totally different way than we used to. Thanks to digitization and appropriate use of communication, we are currently dealing with education 2.0.

  • Defining the needs of the world of science.
  • Identifying innovative ideas.
  • Supplying knowledge, developing and supporting businesses.

Innovative solutions

In the near future, everything that we deal with in everyday life will be related to the Internet. Therefore, knowing your way around the digital world is one of the key competencies.

While working in the education area, we have created a number of innovative solutions that are used by hundreds of thousands of users from Europe, Asia and Africa.

  • Support of innovative solutions development.
  • Driving the development through active business support.
  • Investing in teams and acceleration of projects.

Profound understanding of the world of science

Education 2.0 is much more than e-learning. It is the whole education system and environment, where we gain knowledge and manage our development on a daily basis. Profound understanding of the needs of the science world lets us create dedicated and effective tools and supporting infrastructure. We mainly focus on EDTECH and HRTECH technology development.

What can we do for you?

  • E-learning
  • Real time learning
  • HR and career management
  • Campus technology
  • Course material
  • Early childhood education
  • Med. & tech learning
  • Artificial Intelligence in education
  • In-depth analysis through conducted workshops and experience gained from implementations.
  • Understanding the target group as well as the industry specifics allowing to adapt even the most advanced solutions to its needs.
  • Driving the business through created educational environment (possibility to integrate systems).
  • Experience in carrying out projects for the public sector (schools and universities).
  • Experience in acquiring investments (joint venture) or public funding for digitization of education.
  • Comprehensive end-to-end process execution, from the concept through design and implementation to maintenance.
  • Our own, original methodology allowing cooperation between IT companies and the education sector on identifying and overcoming challenges thanks to IT systems.
  • Experience in PCP (Pre-Commercial Procurement) related activities – creating the environment improving interaction between business and education, sharing the business risk between the ordering party and the contractor, creating the optimal conditions for commercialization and capitalization of research and development results.
  • Creating solutions answering specific needs.

Full life cycle of development and commercialization of products

Knowledge, experience, competencies

Our software products are created by means of unique combination of internal and external competences with expertise of interdisciplinary teams, which ensures diversity of skills, motivation, and effectively boosts creativity.

  • We teach children in Europe and Africa design using block coding. Thanks our help over 200 000 of pupils can learn through play.
  • We help first and second-year computer science students from Poland, Ukraine, and India to develop unique competences and undertake cooperation with business environment since the first days of studies.
  • We support doctors in the Netherlands with their research on use of artificial intelligence in hemotherapy.
  • We teach computer science students software quality assurance processes thanks to machine learning.
  • We help Academy of Fine Arts students manage their portfolios thanks to digitization and publishing their projects to a wider audience.

Our achievements

Our innovative solutions supporting development have been recognized by the most important educational institutions in Europe, Asia or Africa. In Poland, they have been certified by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as well as the Ministries of Digital Affairs and Education.

Education 2.0 solutions allow learners to develop their skills in an unassisted and fully independent manner, build relations as well as test the knowledge. Their popularity is constantly increasing.

  • Minister of Science and Higher Education award – granted for supporting the quality of education.
  • Ministry of Digital Affairs certification of tools.
  • Programming learning program for children in Nigeria.

Our projects

Each of our projects is unique, although innovation and leading technologies are the common factor for all of them. Take a look at our portfolio and get to know us better.