eduLAB once again receives the e-Pionier grant

At the end of last year, the results of the competition organized as part of the Operational Program “DIGITAL POLAND 2014-2020, ACTION 3.3 e-Pioneer – support for talented programmers to solve identified social or economic problems” were announced. In the third edition of this event, the National Centre for Research and Development (NBCR) recommended two accelerators for the grant. The eduLAB Accelerator, which is a part of the Innovations pillar, was one of them and it ultimately received a grant of 7,372,740.00 PLN for the implementation of the EDUCATION OF THE FUTURE project.

In 2017 eduLAB, operating according to its acceleration methodology, focused on the needs and challenges of the modern world of science and higher education, seeking technological solutions among developers and young innovators. The key idea of the accelerator was a close collaboration between the education and science sector and interdisciplinary teams, based on public pre-commercial procurement. After nine rounds of intake and evaluation of nearly 500 ideas, the accelerator eventually invested in 14 startup projects (among them Universality, Pixblocks and Jobblegro, which we have already written about). The project attracted a lot of interest from the education, science and technology sectors. Its partners were, among others, universities, research institutes, foundations supporting innovation in the field of education and companies from the IT sector. The budget allocated for the project amounted to nearly 12 million PLN.

This time, eduLAB will build and support interdisciplinary teams tasked with solving important social and economic problems by using new information technologies. This is a great opportunity for all public institutions to fully take advantage of the potential offered by modern technologies.

Being awarded the grant is not only a great honor for us but also gives us a possibility of carrying out an interesting, life-changing project. We will keep you informed about the details.