Euvic Adds 1,800 Software Engineers to Accelerance’s Global Software Development Network

Euvic has partnered with Accelerance, a US-based consulting firm which helps technology leaders create and execute effective strategies for global software development outsourcing. The partnership enables Euvic to reach clients served by Accelerance, while that company can now add Euvic’s 1,800 top engineers to its Global Development Network.

The Accelerance Global Network is an elite achievement for global engineering firms who are investigated for three months across over 500 business and technology criteria that indicate software outsourcing readiness for Western markets. The certification process culminated in an on-site visit with Euvic in Poland for final validation of all software outsourcing criteria including team members, facilities, and security earlier this year. As a result of this visit, Euvic has been recognized as an Accelerance Certified Partner.

“The partnership with Euvic is consistent with the Accelerance mission to help companies build great software with global resources. Euvic meets our standards for business maturity, technical excellence and proven ability to deliver custom software development,” said Accelerance in its news release announcing the partnership.

Accelerance provides professional guidance for planning, sourcing and managing global software teams. It has investigated more than 8,000 software companies around the world and traveled to more than 30 countries to conduct in-depth on-site assessments. Accelerance provides quality, focused services to clients who want to work with the world’s best software development companies for custom software development, software development outsourcing or staff augmentation.

You can find out more about Accelerance here.