Computerworld Top 200 - newspaper cover

Euvic as a leader in employment and export – results of the Top 200 ranking

In the ranking published by Computerworld in June 2018, Euvic appears in high positions. We rank in the top twenty in categories of export income and employment rate.

Once again, the Computerworld magazine, under the patronage of the Ministry of Digitization and the National Center for Research and Development, prepared a report on the state of the ICT industry. The report includes key financial statements for the first two hundred largest companies operating in Poland. In order for the company to be in the ranking, it had to exceed the income threshold of 1 million PLN a year – from the sale of services, software or hardware – in any proportion. The ranking is called the TOP 200, but in the first list called “The largest IT companies in Poland in 2017” there are 387 companies – that’s how much it exceeded the threshold of 1 million PLN revenue.

In the ranking of export revenues, we ranked 21st. position and our revenues from sales abroad in 2017 amounted to 50 million PLN . We were pleased by the fact that our exports increased in relation to 2016, where revenues from services sold to external markets amounted to 19 million PLN – this means an increase of over 160 percent.

In the case of financial results of the entire Euvic Group, we also have high positions. Consolidated revenues of our consortium amounted to 240 million PLN in 2017.

Computerworld Magazine also collated the employment level of ICT sector companies. Euvic, employing 800 people in 2017, was in the top twenty of the largest Polish employers. Interestingly, we are even better in terms of employment growth – in 2016 we employed 560 people – this means that employment growth was over 40 percent. This parameter, according to the editorial team of Computerworld, places us in the top ten in the ranking.