Euvic takes over ClickAd. One more step in implementing the Integrator 2.0 strategy

A media house and a provider of original advertising and marketing technology tools is joining Euvic Group. One of the largest Polish technology companies has taken over from 3TS CEE Fund SICAV-SIF managed by 3TS Capital Partners the majority stake in ClickAd SA., a company operating in the modern marketing, technology, and data market, and is already announcing further acquisitions.

The purchase of ClickAd is another step in Euvic’s Integrator 2.0 strategy. It is also an entry into a new business space. Euvic Group, which has so far operated in four areas: Software Development, Body/Team Leasing, IT Infrastructure, and Innovations is starting to build the fifth pillar – Digital. ClickAd is the first, but as the president of Euvic declares, not the last company which is going to be entrusted with the development of this area.

In line with the Integrator 2.0 strategy, we are getting ready for further purchases, which will allow us to develop a new business area. By purchasing shares in ClickAd we have gained a partner with competencies that have not been present in the group so far. This is another step on our way to creating a comprehensive and unique IT offer for our customers.
announces Wojciech Wolny, President of Euvic.

Communication in the digital sphere

The ClickAd Capital Group has been present on the market for 20 years. It includes companies ClickAd Interactive, All4affiliate and 360 e-com. The first two are media agencies offering comprehensive modern marketing services. These are the places for in-depth market analyses, strategies, and advertising campaigns. It is also where media purchases are planned and completed. Both companies have gained experience providing services to, among others, public institutions, and state-owned companies.

360 e-com provides proprietary technological services for online stores. These are advanced AdTech (advertising technology) and MarTech (marketing technology) technologies. 360 e-com specializes in retargeting, which is encouraging people who are already interested in a given product or service to return to the website and buy it.

To provide continuity, the present chairman of the Supervisory Board of ClickAd S.A. Zbigniew Łapiński will remain on the board.

For us, Euvic’s presence among ClickAd’s shareholders means gaining a strategic partner that is able to support us, not only in terms of capital but above all in business. Euvic has clients in its portfolio to whom we can offer an added value. Due to the scale of its activity, its dynamics and innovative approach to business Euvic guarantees also further development of our company,
assures Maciej Teliszewski, the President of ClickAd S.A.

ClickAd has the competencies, experience, and market know-how that perfectly complement our offer, especially considering their portfolio of projects for the e-commerce sector. When we work on developing e-commerce solutions, we can additionally offer to support their potential by generating traffic or retargeting users. In this way, we will be not only developing software but also helping our customers’ products and services reach their potential customers. This can be our additional contribution to the business success of our customers
adds Łukasz Czernecki, Vice-President of the Board of Euvic.

The fifth pillar, new quality

The purchase of ClickAd shares is the first step to build a new, fifth business area for Euvic – Digital.  Euvic Group, which is already getting ready to buy more companies, wants to create comprehensive services to support businesses in their digital transformation.

We have acquired specialists in the field of marketing technology, as well as the IP of proprietary technologies that have been developed by ClickAd over the years. Drawing on our previous experience in creating the Infrastructure pillar, in the next phase, we are going to focus on seeking synergy in business development with our new partner. That is a proven model, and I am sure that it will soon allow us to increase the company’s potential and to expand the new area of activity in a well thought out way
announces Wojciech Wolny.

For Euvic the year 2020 has been a time of strategic changes. Euvic has also recently acquired shares in Aden, a company dealing with system integration and development of electronics, IoT devices, and info kiosks. This acquisition strengthened the core business area of the group: Software Development (custom software development with implementation services).

Euvic Group has existed on the Polish market since 2005. Its companies employ over 3000 engineers and specialists in over 20 offices around the world. Its strategic goal? To provide comprehensive customer support in the implementation of complex IT projects.

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