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Euvic’s New Investment

Based on a mutual agreement, the Directors, Shareholders and companies of the Euvic Technology Group acquired a stake of more than 5% in QUMAK S.A., which was reported to the Stock Exchange by Wojciech Wolny, President of the Management Board at Euvic.

Given the dynamic development of the market, the shares were purchased by Wojciech Wolny (President of the Management Board at IT Works and Euvic Sp. z o.o.), Zbigniew Ciukaj (Vice-President of the Management Board at IT Works), Iwona Kudra (Shareholder of Euvic Sp. z o.o.), Wojciech Kosiński (Vice-President of Euvic Sp. z o.o.), as well as Euvic Services Sp. z o.o., Euvic Investments Sp. z o.o. and IT Works SA. In the nearest future, the structure of the investment will be sorted out within a single account of Euvic Sp. z o.o. At present, this is a financial investment, but the parties are also ready to take up operating activities, provided that they get a favourable response from the other shareholders.