In our company we apply a formal process of security management in the area of software development. Our security policy is documented and our employees are familiar with all the related procedures. It is reviewed and updated whenever our environment changes. All this is meant to ensure the highest possible level of security of your software development at Euvic.

Security Policy

Physical Security

Technical Resources

Network & Data Security

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
  • Compliance with legislation protecting personal data.
  • Business continuity plan.
  • Access based on biometrics.
  • Protection and monitoring 24/7.
  • Bank-level security requirements for selected office areas.
  • Redundant key servers and network devices.
  • Optical links between locations.
  • External server room compliant with TIER III ANSI TIA-942 and TIER IV (selected items).
  • Server virtualization for business continuity and performance managment.
  • Protection against viruses and back-up.
  • Database access control.
  • Permissions and passwords control.
  • VPN, firewall, threats monitoring (e.g. MS TMG).


We apply this security policy to each development project we carry out, adjusting the security level to your needs.


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