Government & Education

National, Regional and Local Governments; Primary, Secondary and Higher Education


Need government software solutions or educational software development services? Our experience includes delivering software for a number of governmental institutions both from Poland and other countries, including from the US and Australia, as well as for educational institutions. In terms of cooperating with governmental institutions, most often we take part in the projects for such clients as a subcontractor, either serving as a flexible pool of software developers skilled in many technologies or as a team responsible for delivering part of the project. With educational institutions we usually cooperate directly, delivering to them custom educational software development and support services.


The products and services we deliver to our governmental clients include first of all:

  • Implementation of software solutions, including in such areas as ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, advanced data visualization, data security, workflow, payroll and human resources.


For the educational clients we generally create and support the following type of software:

  • Custom educational apps.
  • E-learning platforms.
  • Skills measurement software.
  • Gamification apps.