Banking, Insurance & Securities

Banks, Wealth Management Institutions, Insurance and Market Data Providers, Exchanges and Brokers


Need financial and banking software development services? We have been helping banking and financial institutions accelerate the growth of their business for over a decade, implementing software solutions that increase their digital sales revenue, support taking data-driven decision and optimize processes and collaboration. We also provide comprehensive infrastructure, cloud and datacenter services to a number of global leaders in online banking and insurance services, cross-border payments and market data. We cooperate with our banking and financial clients based on an Agile mindset, being able to reduce the time to market and development and maintenance costs of their new financial products and services significantly.


The products and services we deliver to our banking and financial clients include first of all:

  • Digital banking solutions.
  • Money transaction platforms.
  • Online trading and exchange platforms.
  • Digital wealth management applications.
  • Blockchain-based solutions.
  • Big Data and BI-based systems (including anti-fraud solutions).
  • IT support and help desk.
  • Maintenance and modernization of existing services.
  • IT systems integration and optimization.
  • Comprehensive infrastructure, datacenter and cloud services.