Manufacturing & Natural Resources

Automotive, Consumer, Life Sciences and Healthcare Products, Energy and Natural Resources, IT Hardware, Heavy Industry


Our ability to deliver value to manufacturing and natural resources businesses is based on our good understanding of the landscape of this industry, including its current standards, where it is heading and how it would like to get there. We know that at the heart of your business is an ERP system, but it doesn’t cover 100% of your needs. ERP is still the backbone of the manufacturing and natural resources business, but it is nowadays quickly being redefined as most of the forward-looking companies are faced with new digital challenges.


Taking advantage of our services, our clients from the manufacturing and natural resources sectors are able to:

  • Address new digital challenges, including:
    • Mobile and cloud enablement.
    • The Internet of Things.
    • Production automation.
  • Improve and automate their processes by integrating all their IT systems around ERP in compliance with ANSI/ISA-95 standards and making them work more smoothly and as one unit – both within one branch and internationally.
  • Integrate and collaborate with their trading partners easier and faster and to reach out to a wider client base.
  • Create a custom solution if they can’t find a suitable out-of-the-box system and integrate it with their IT ecosystem.
  • Make the best use of business intelligence.
  • Upgrade their legacy systems.
  • Reduce time to market through the use of agile practices.

We help our clients transform their business into digital business step by step, managing the risks, testing and experimenting with what they can do with new technologies.