All types of retailers esp. retail chains, including convenience, grocery, fashion, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, franchise networks, warehouse networks and logistics centers.


We boost innovations of many retailers, both global as well as local ones. With our engagement in digital transformation, our customers strengthen their market position, cut operational costs and improve customer experience by IT systems modernization, omnichannel strategy implementation or automatization of business processes and supply chain operations.

We offer fraud prevention and protection solutions based on CCTV and transactional automated data analysis involving the newest AI algorithms to minimize losses.

We work natively in the Agile/DevOps culture, what makes our understanding of your business better by every sprint.


Check out what we could do for your business.

Ongoing customer relationship – Helpline, multichannel, shipments

We believe that keeping customer relationships close and consistent is the foundation of every company. We can take over full responsibility for technology, processes and omnichannel strategy implementation along with contact center. We will help you maintain good customer relationships at no additional cost for languages, all-around-the-clock availability or different contact channels.

  • 24/7/365
  • CEE languages + English covered
  • Call Center
  • Sales and information helplines
  • Omnichannel (phone, chat, mail, www)

mapa help desk

Euvic IT logistics & field services hubs

Lower IT support cost – IT Service Desk

Well designed IT support makes you feel your business is secured and prepared for disruptions. Thanks to the careful analysis of your support organization, we will help you reengineer your processes to resolve problems faster and more effectively. Our own ITSM system (incl. mobile application and www portal) will allow informing your staff and customers instantly about request statuses, their assets or planned service outages.

  • 24/7/365
  • 300 people
  • 2nd line of support with administrators, programmers, security engineers
  • > 100 000 tickets monthly
  • Own ITSM application
Customer service channels, that people use depending on age – in the last 9 months (% of respondents)

Question: Which channels have you used to contact the customer service department in the last 6-9 months?

Sample: 1,014 respondents.

Preferred customer service channels depending on age group (% of respondents choosing one channel from 2-3 preferred ones)

Question: What ways of contacting customer service do you prefer? – average position in the ranking

Sample: 1,014 respondents.


Higher cost-efficiency – Field support

Robotization, optimization of the digital workplace and remote support make your business run more efficiently from the financial point of view. Using our own, biggest Polish field support network supported by specialized Service Desk and our own ITSM tool (easily integrated with your IT ecosystem including Jira, Intranet, Inventory, Assets) we integrate field support into your business processes to cut costs and improve quality.

  • Our own team of technicians spread across Poland
  • Working cooperation with field support companies in CEE
  • Warehouse with service logistics
  • 3 000 sites served
  • 200 000 devices in service
  • SLA guaranteed time for an intervention
  • Support of rollouts, removals, rebranding

Lower costs, greater precision – robotics

The robotization in trade and logistics increases by 60% annually. The robots used in trade and logistics optimize operations and support the development of these sectors. Due to cooperation with proven business partners, we offer our clients robotic arms, vision systems, and mobile robots. This all helps you reduce costs and increase precision.

  • Replacement of human skills in packaging, order picking, or product and packaging labeling
  • Limiting the number of client complaints
  • Verification of product compliance with its specification
  • Detection of anomalies in the production hall and warehouse
  • Reduction of labor costs
  • Effective work management

Improved daily operations – Shop Manager Application

The Shop Manager mobile application will allow you to integrate all the most important processes carried out daily by the store manager, allowing you to focus on other tasks. This optimization of work will reduce its final cost.

  • Mobile assistant of Store Manager
  • Equipment management incl. maintenance calendars
  • Management of worker shifts, vacation, and sick leaves
  • Registering incidents and problems to be solved
  • Equipment stock-taking directly from the phone
  • Information and notification hub (i.e. service outages)
  • Integration with business systems (accounting, assets, ITSM, HR)

Shop Manager App

Higher security – Searchlight, fraud prevention

According to the Sensormatic research, Europe’s trade loses around 1% of its sales value as a result of shoplifting and employee thefts. The detection rate of such crimes is negligible. Euvic in cooperation with MarchNetworks company offers a unique solution that allows detecting potential fraud through the analysis of transaction data, data from CCTV cameras and remote supervision of teams specializing in detecting crimes in shops, hotels or ATMs.

  • Automated customer data analysis (store systems, POS transactions, ATMs, electronic locks)
  • Automated CCTV data analysis (customer counting, customer presence at the service desk, camera change, unusual situations)
  • Defining patterns of transactions and behaviors and reporting them with a link to a specific fragment of a video recording
  • Analysis of suspicious events by a specialized Euvic team
  • Supervision of all devices (cameras, hard drives, recorders, integrations[BK1] )
  • Convenient access to all transactions and CCTV records in the entire chain of stores

Efficient equipment logistics – Supplies, management and relocations

Proper logistics, relocations, and equipment management allow you to minimize downtime and ensure security even in the case of the most sensitive data. Taking full responsibility for the delivery, management, configuration, repair, replacement, and relocation processes of all your devices, we will help you to manage the optimization of equipment’s life cycle and safely eliminate the decommissioned equipment, while ensuring environmentally-friendly utilization.

  • Supplies, configuration, relocations
  • Professional liquidation with data cleansing
  • Replacement equipment
  • Repairs, renewing, commissioning
  • Inventories
  • Rebranding

Improved efficiency – Infrastructure maintenance

Well designed and reliable infrastructure is the foundation of efficient operation of shops, hotels or restaurants. We will smartly extend the lifecycle of your hardware thanks to our service lab, increasing your ROI without affecting reliability.

  • Fiscal devices, POSes, collectors, pin pads, digital signage, gateways
  • Telecommunications, network and server infrastructure
  • CCTV supply, servicing, modernizationsFraud prevention, fraud protection
  • Digital signage, LED monitors, projectors
  • Special equipment like info-kiosks, bicycle racks, chargers

Increase in e-commerce conversions

Did you know that less than 5% of visits to your online store lead to a purchase? We know how to improve this situation thanks to our retargeting service. The solution we provide is based on artificial intelligence, a programmatic platform, and a large mailing database, as well as the possibility of fast and secure integration. What’s more, you only pay for sales to shoppers who have left your store earlier.

  • Communication based on RTB and legal mailing databases
  • Quick and safe implementation of the solution
  • Payment only for performed sales
  • Guarantee of security on many levels

retargeting process

Lower cost of IT processes – IT processes outsourcing

There’s always a game between in- and outsourcing in the IT area, as IT processes are complicated, expensive and support both core and non-core business processes. For a non-IT oriented company, it is almost not possible to have wide knowledge about all IT technologies and keep your finger on technology pulse all the time. Euvic, being a group of over 40 companies with over 3 000 people on board will help you understand the criticality of IT processes and its effectiveness. We propose you changes and solutions and estimate time & costs. Once approved, we will implement our plan. Cutting of IT costs by 50% is within reach, as well as improving the quality and reliability of IT services.

  • Let us support you in that game.
  • Datacenter
  • Cloud services
  • Office 365 / Google Apps
  • Infrastructure management
  • End users support
  • Application development and maintenance

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