Network and System Administration

Do you need reliable network and system administration services? Hire our team of experienced IT network and computer systems administrators. We have been providing services in this field for many large and medium-sized companies throughout the world, managing their physical and virtual servers running Linux and Windows operating systems, as well as critical business applications. We can offer you various levels of service to meet the needs of your systems requiring high availability, as well as systems with less demanding requirements.

Achieve your goals with our network and systems administration services

You will enjoy predictable and optimized costs covering the full range of services and guaranteed by a long-term SLA-based contract.

Our experienced team of network and computer systems administrators ensures the delivery of high-quality services while maintaining SLA standards.

We leverage industry best practices and tools as regards security, offering easy scaling up and down of network and system administration work to stay in line with your company’s needs.

You have a guarantee of business continuity thanks to a systematical implementation of certain actions as part of network and system administration service.

Meet our network and system administration services

  • Maintenance of hardware platforms and user workstations.
  • Administration of Linux and Windows operating systems.
  • Administration of database systems, including (but not limited to) MS SQL Server and Oracle Database Server.
  • Administration of your business applications, including (but not limited to) Microsoft, Oracle and SAP applications.
  • Administration of your web portal infrastructure, including (but not limited to) Apache, Ngnix and SOLR servers.
  • Management of your virtual environment based on VMware / Hyper-V.
  • Zarządzanie środowiskami chmury obliczeniowej, np. AWS, Azure, Google.
  • Management of your back-up environment and network environment.