IT Infrastructure Monitoring Services

Taking advantage of our IT infrastructure monitoring services you can have complete control over your entire IT infrastructure, whether in traditional datacenters or distributed cloud infrastructures. We provide such services for both the world’s largestas well as medium-sized enterprises, giving them deep visibility into faults, capacity, configurations and the security of their applications as well as server and network elements. We can draw on this experience to ensure that also your IT services and systems are always on.

Why should you decide to use our IT infrastructure monitoring services?

We provide IT infrastructure monitoring services in a comprehensive 24/7 manner, thus minimizing the risk of software or hardware failure.

We proactively monitor your virtual and physical infrastructure to get insight into its performance and on this basis we take actions to prevent failures before they happen.

You will be able to analyze and optimize the costs of your IT infrastructure with server capacity tracking, utilization chargeback, real-time security reporting and more useful data.

Based on advanced tools and well-defined processes we are able to automate IT infrastructure monitoring to a large degree and thus offer this service at a competitive price.

Meet our comprehensive IT infrastructure monitoring services

The monitoring service may include your whole infrastructure or just its selected part

We carry out the monitoring service based on the following rules:

  • Preventive measures are taken on a regular basis before a failure occurs.
  • If, despite this, a failure occurs, we respond to it based on preset rules.
  • We inform a defined list of decision-taking staff about occurring events or their escalation.
  • Then, they can rely on the intervention of our experts or they can refer the matter to their own experts or a third-party.
  • As part of the reporting service we provide you with the presentation of monitoring results in an aggregated form, which allows observing trends or analyzing in detail the occurring events.