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Take advantage of our portal development services, including web portal solutions as well as intranet design, development and maintenance. We offer a decade-long experience in delivering robust web and enterprise portals based on the most popular portal software. Drawing on it we can create for your audiences outstanding portal experiences optimized for cross-device coherence, complementarity and ease of shifting. All of this based on a cost-effective and flexible engagement models.

You can use our Liferay portal development and consulting services to build robust self-service extranet and intranet portals, knowledge-sharing workspaces, dynamic websites of all sorts and social networks. We have completed dozens of such projects based on this leading Java-based open source portal software. Our experience ranges from simple Liferay installation to the most complicated Liferay-based portal development with customized features in such areas as mobile, collaboration, workflows and more. Hire our Liferay developers for your project!


Why and when is it a good idea to use LifeRay for your project and take advantage our LifeRay portal development and consulting services?

Lower TCO and Higher ROI

Lower TCO and Higher ROI

LifeRay, with its free licensing and low costs of installing and operating, is believed to be the enterprise portal platform with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership and highest Return on Investment.

Ideal for Companies with Non-Microsoft Environments

Ideal for Companies with Non-Microsoft Environments

Unlike SharePoint, LifeRay can be easily used in non-Microsoft environments, offering powerful intranet/extranet features simple to integrate with your existing applications.

Meant for Large Projects, Offering Agility for the Future

Meant for Large Projects, Offering Agility for the Future

LifeRay, different from WordPress, is meant for large enterprise portal development projects where easy customization and development of non-typical features is a must-have requirement.

Requires Experienced Developers Such as Ours

Requires Experienced Developers Such as Ours

LifeRay has a steep learning curve and for this reason it is better to outsource LifeRay-based portal development to experienced external specialists such as we offer to you.

Software development based on Liferay frameworks

Our Liferay developers can add new features to your custom applications or create new apps taking advantage of a number of Liferay frameworks, such as:

UI & Frontend


WCM & Search


  • Alloy UI
  • Taglibs
  • Application Display Templates
  • Permissions
  • Message Bus
  • Scheduler Engine
  • Asset Framework
  • Workflow
  • Site Membership Policies
  • Data Handlers
  • Recycle Bin
  • Content Targeting
  • Comments
  • Ratings
  • File Storage
  • Device Detection
  • ServiceContext


Supported programming languages

We can modify or create new apps based of Liferay with any programming language supported by the Java Virtual Machine, such as Java itself, Scala, jRuby, Jython, Groovy, and others.


Liferay-related services

Using the above frameworks and programming languages we can provide you with a full-cycle
Liferay-based enterprise portal development and consulting services, including:

  • Custom UI/UX design.
  • PSD-to-Liferay conversion.
  • Liferay installation.
  • Liferay customization (with portlets, layout and themes templates).
  • Training of Liferay portal administration.
  • Security issues handling.
  • Managed services regarding the implemented solution.
  • We can also use Liferay platform as a base to develop web or mobile apps with any technology of your choice.
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