Telecommunications Hardware

Telecommunications Hardware

We are a partner of leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, such as NEC, ADVA, Transmode and other specialized suppliers. Our portfolio of offered telecommunications equipment includes: point-to-point radiolines, fiber optic transmission systems (DWDM, CWDM, with switches) and solutions for the construction of digital television (NEC, Rohde & Shwarz). We also offer comprehensive services and solutions in the field of supporting the operation of installed systems (NMS, inventory).

Installation of NEC’s iPasolink Series of Microwave Radios

Euvic offers the delivery and installation of NEC’s iPasolink series of microwave radios  as NEC’s partner. The company is one of the world’s largest vendors of telecommunications equipment. It has an excellent reputation for manufacturing reliable and functional products of outstanding quality. NEC’s equipment is implemented in the core networks of many of the world’s national transmission operators. Also, it is a cost-effective solution for the public sector, safety and utility industries as well as for enterprises.

Why should you use NEC’s iPasolink series of microwave radios and order their delivery and installation with Euvic?

Alternative Solution for Fiber

Alternative Solution for Fiber

With NEC’s iPasolink series of microwave radios you can offer links with a speed up to 10Gbps which is an alternative solution to fiber.

Reliability Scalability and Full Synchronization

Reliability, Scalability and Full Synchronization

While implemented in your network, NEC’s microwave transport offers unmatched reliability, scalable bit rate customization as well as full TDM and Ethernet synchronization.

Ideal for Many Purposes

Ideal for Many Purposes

You can use NEC’s iPasolink solutions as the main operator connection of ISPs, for connecting branches of companies, for creating links between mobile operators, city monitoring and more.

Comprehensive Offer

Comprehensive Offer

We can deliver and install all of NEC’s iPasolink series of microwave radios, including iPasolink 100, iPasolink 200, iPasolink 400, iPasolink 1000, iPasolink EX, iPasolink VR.

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Arkadiusz Borowy

Arkadiusz Borowy

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Main features of NEC’s iPasolink series of microwave radios:


  • High throughput with high modulations, wide channels and cross-polarization.
  • Ultra-high-capacity radio with XPIC technology in 1U ultra-compact size unit.
  • Flexible and high resiliency radio configuration, N-way, 1+1 and N+0.
  • High system gain with advanced error correction and new amplifier technology.
  • High level of packet networking functionality: Ethernet, PWE, MPLS, IP.
  • Advanced multi-service QoS support for TDM, Ethernet and IP with microwave adaptive modulation and excellent header compression technology.
  • Ethernet OAM for fault management and performance monitoring.
  • Multiple clock sources: external, synchronous Ethernet and legacy TDM synchronization.
  • Frequencies: 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 23, 26, 28, 32, 38, 42GHz.
  • Radio bandwidth: 7/ 14/ 28/ 56 MHz.
  • Co-channel Operation: 7/ 14/ 28/ 56 MHz with Adaptive modulation.


Additional services we offer when you decide to buy
NEC’s iPasolink series of microwave radios with Euvic:

  • Frequency acquisition.
  • Installation, configuration and commissioning of the radio.
  • Maintenance services.
  • Broadly understood technical and organizational support.


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