Telecommunications Hardware

Telecommunications Hardware

We are a partner of leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, such as NEC, ADVA, Transmode and other specialized suppliers. Our portfolio of offered telecommunications equipment includes: point-to-point radiolines, fiber optic transmission systems (DWDM, CWDM, with switches) and solutions for the construction of digital television (NEC, Rohde & Shwarz). We also offer comprehensive services and solutions in the field of supporting the operation of installed systems (NMS, inventory).

You can create your telecommunications networks with us based on the latest hardware and network equipment, including:

NECs Microwave Products

NEC’s Microwave Products

Using NEC’s iPasolink series products you can offer links with a speed up to 10Gbps which is an alternative solution to fiber. more…

ADVAs OpticalEthernet Platform

ADVA’s Optical+Ethernet Platform

Using ADVA’s wide range of telecommunications equipment you can build a highly scalable and automated infrastructure that can meet the most rigorous networking requirements. more…

Other Optical Transmission Solutions

Other Optical Transmission Solutions

Apart from ADVA, we can provide you with optical transmission solutions from all the other world-leading manufactures, including Transmode, NEC and Infiniera.

Multiplexer Systems

Multiplexer Systems

We can deliver and install for you multiplexer systems (including DVB-T transmitters and DAB and digital radio transmitters) from manufacturers such as NEC, Rohde & Shwarz.


Our offer regarding the above-mentioned solutions includes:

  • Delivering the selected telecommunications hardware.
  • Telecommunications equipment installation.
  • Hardware configuration and optimization.
  • Warranty and post-warranty hardware maintenance.

Our portfolio of telecommunications hardware and  network equipment is constantly expanded with the most innovative solutions from a variety of niche manufacturers to enable telecoms and internet providers to build their technological superiority.


Ideas are easy, implementation is hard.

Guy Kawasaki, a Silicon-Valley based author, speaker, entrepreneur, and evangelist


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