Outsource Microsoft .NET Application Development

Outsource Microsoft .NET application development to Euvic! You will be able to take advantage of highly-skilled and cost-effective workforce of over 800 .NET developers, with extensive experience in developing enterprise software solutions for the Microsoft platform. We have been developing software in .NET for over 10 years, focusing almost exclusively on the .NET platform in the first years of our business. We draw from this experience to deliver top-notch .NET application development outsourcing services to our clients throughout the world.

Why outsource .NET application development to Euvic?

Over 800 NET Developers

Over 800 .NET Developers

Need plenty of highly skilled and cost-effective .NET developers? We have got them!

Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Gold Partner

Our .NET-related competencies are confirmed by the appropriate Microsoft certificates we hold.

Services for the Complete NET Ecosystem

Services for the Complete .NET Ecosystem

We can provide you with .NET expertise in all areas of the technology ecosystem, including custom software development, migration projects, cloud and more.

Distributed Agile Software Development

Distributed Agile Software Development

You can have our cost-effective agile .NET developers working for you both onsite and offsite, depending on their role and your current project needs.

Our .NET-related key skills include (but are not limited to):

NET 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0C#VB.net.NET CoreWinFormsSilverlightWPFNHibernateLINQEntity FrameworkDotNetNukeUmbracoSitefinitynopCommerceKenticoSQL Server 2005/2008Reporting ServiceAzureBizTalk  Data PlatformDynamics familySharePointMicrosoft Exchange     

Our .NET-related services include:

  • Custom software development in .NET, including cross-industrial and industry-specific business support tools, e-business apps, billing systems, mobile apps.
  • Implementing web applications in ASP.NET.
  • Software development using .NET Core, allowing you to build and run cross-platform (Windows, Linux or MacOS) microservices and container-based web apps.
  • Designing and programming Windows Forms applications.
  • Web services programming using XML and SOAP.
  • Migration projects based on our semi-automatic modernization platform.
  • BI projects – implementation, migration.
  • User training.
  • Software support and maintenance.
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Marcin Grygierek

Marcin Grygierek

.Net Team Leader Passions: Motorcycles, sports: handball and basketball


When done well, software is invisible.

Bjarne Stroustrup, C++ creator


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