Languages and Technologies

.NET, Java, and PHP software development

Staying on top of new technologies might be difficult if you are not an IT expert. Keeping that in mind, we support organizations from all over the world in creating and developing advanced, scalable and safe IT systems, using the leading programming languages and technologies as: Java, .NET, PHP, Azure/AWS, Angular, C#, Kotlin, Swift, HTML, BizTalk, SQL Server, ElasticSearch and many other.

  • Executing projects applying Agile and DevOps methodologies.
  • Working remotely or on clients’ premises.
  • Adapting development team’s workload and roles of individual experts to the business requirements.


Entrusting us with creating and developing .NET apps gives you access to a wide range of experienced specialists.

  • Comprehensive support in all .NET framework related areas: software development, migration projects, the cloud, and others.
  • Microsoft certified experts.

Our key .NET framework competences

NET 2.0/3.0/3.5/ CoreWinFormsSilverlightWPFNHibernateLINQEntity FrameworkDotNetNukeUmbracoSitefinitynopCommerceKenticoSQL Server 2005/2008Reporting ServiceAzureBizTalk Data PlatformDynamics familySharePointMicrosoft Exchange

What can we do for you?

  • Bespoke .NET software development including various business support systems, e-commerce apps, billing systems, and mobile apps.
  • ASP.NET internet apps deployment.
  • Multiplatform .NET Core apps development (Windows, Linux or macOS) based on microservices and containers.
  • Windows Forms apps design and development.
  • XML / SOAP web apps development.
  • Migration projects using our own semi-automated platform.
  • Business Intelligence – deployment and upgrade projects.
  • Software support and maintenance.


Engaging our Java developers will enable you to create advanced, scalable, and safe apps, improving the productivity of your business.

  • Comprehensive Java projects support: consultancy, solution architecture design, software development, migration project, the cloud, and others.
  • Oracle / Java certified experts.

Our key Java competences

Technology and tools


Solutions and Frameworks

What can we do for you?

  • Bespoke Java software development, versatile or industry specific IT systems, e-commerce apps, billing systems.
  • Internet apps development.
  • Mobile apps development.
  • Cloud software development and maintenance.
  • Desktop software development.
  • Legacy Java apps refactoring using our own semi-automatic platform for migration projects.
  • Software support and maintenance.


Our PHP software developers can improve execution of your IT projects, especially, dynamic web apps and e-commerce solutions.

  • We can quickly create flexible web apps with additional non-standard components, using embedded functions and PHP extensions.
  • We create apps that conform to the highest security standards, with stable and ready for further development source code.

Our key PHP competences

What can we do for you?

  • Bespoke PHP software development.
  • Software development services based on different PHP frameworks and tools (including: Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Laravel, Symfony and PrestaShop).
  • E-commerce PHP apps development.
  • PHP-based CMS development.
  • Data-driven websites development.
  • Legacy PHP apps refactoring using our own semi-automatic platform for migration projects.
  • Automated testing, monitoring and performance tests.
  • Software support and maintenance.



As a technology group, we engage specialists from almost every IT area. There are no programming languages or technologies that we are not familiar with. Thanks to our broad expertise, we are able to execute even the most complex projects. Our experts overcome new technological challenges every day, supporting our clients in execution of their business strategies.

  • Understanding the criticality of IT processes, and improvement of their performance.
  • Unique combination of technology, expertise, and world-class infrastructure.
  • Innovation, progress, support.