Mobile Applications

Android and iOS mobile apps development outsourcing

Changing needs and preferences of customers, as well as dynamic development of technology make adapting new tools and customer touchpoints necessary. Implementing innovation and mobile transformation of businesses is crucial.

Comprehensive support in mobile app projects

The variety of mobile devices, their configuration, different screen sizes or types of operating system make the testing the most challengeable stage. To improve it, we focus on automatization of the testing processes by using continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) as well as manual tests performed on a number of target devices.

  • Comprehensive mobile projects support, from the concept and functional design, through UI/UX prototyping to development and acceptance testing.
  • High quality and efficiency of mobile apps guaranteed by the latest technologies.
  • App compatibility assurance with newer, higher versions of platforms.
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Bartosz Śliwa

Bartosz Śliwa

Technical Team Lead Passions: music, plays the guitar in a music band.

Native vs. hybrid apps

While deploying mobile apps, organizations can choose between native apps, created specifically for each platform, or hybrid apps, working on all available platforms. What makes these two solutions different?
Native appsHybrid apps
  • Higher efficiency
  • Better usage of embedded functionalities (e.g. push notifications, sensors, camera).
  • ·ccess to many test tools allowing easier bug detection
  • Better User Experience
  • The highest level of user and data security
  • Lower development costs (single development team)
  • Quicker development (single codebase for both platforms)
  • Higher initial development costs.
  • Separate source code repositories for each platform
  • Decreased development potential
  • Less friendly UX
  • Difficulties with implementing atypical solutions


Effective execution of business goals

In-house development department helps us to overcome the challenges specific to creating mobile apps while building scalable solutions that support our clients in executing strategic business goals. We are able to support Android or iOS mobile apps development either by providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions or joining existing projects as a subcontractor.

What can we do for you?

Identyfikacja i zrozumienie wymaga biznesowych

Identification and understanding of business requirements

  • User Story Mapping workshops
  • Defining Minimum Viable Product (MVP) requirements
Projektowanie UIUX

UI/UX design

  • Creating functional and eye-catching user interfaces
  • Enhancing mobile apps user experience
  • Maximizing usability of developed products
Programowanie testowanie i publikowanie aplikacji w App Store ilub Google Play

Mobile apps development, testing and publishing to the App Store and/or Google Play

  • Comprehensive mobile app projects support
  • Permanent access to expert knowledge
Rozwj aplikacji natywnych na Androida i iOS

Native Android and iOS apps development

  • Full communication between the app and the device
  • Maximizing apps efficiency
Tworzenie aplikacji wieloplatformowych hybrydowych

Hybrid (multiplatform) apps development

  • Quick implementation
  • Easier maintenance
Rozwj aplikacji mobilnych takich jak systemy Sales Force Automation SFA czy zoone systemy bankowe

Mobile apps development such as Sales Force Automation (SFA) or complex banking systems

  • Unchanged development team composition to ensure full understanding of the product
  • Versatility of development teams to ensure the highest quality

Full scalability

Mobile app users have huge influence on development of such projects. Understanding their needs and preferences is the key to creating functional scope.

  • Creating user-oriented scalable apps
  • Real-time communication with clients
  • Better customizability
  • Improved client satisfaction


By creating apps for corporate and individual clients, we help them to execute their unique business strategies. While implementing native Android/iOS as well as multiplatform mobile apps we utilize only the leading frameworks and technologies.

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Highest efficiency

Regardless of the back-end system (local environment, public cloud, manufacturer’s systems), to which the app will be connecting, it needs to handle the load. Therefore, it necessary to implement wireless infrastructure, traffic monitoring and potential modifications.

  • Reaching to a higher number of clients
  • Improving brand credibility and awareness
  • Reducing time-to-market and increasing ROI
  • Improving productivity

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