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Outsource your UI and UX design projects to Euvic to create functional and attractive user interfaces and perfect user experience for your mobile, web and cross-platform apps. Our user-centered approach will uncover your customers’ real problems to enable you to address them better and thus make your apps more relevant to the people who use them.

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Why should you outsource your UI and UX design and development projects to Euvic?

Separate In-House UIUX Unit

Separate In-House UI/UX Unit

Our own in-house UI/UX unit will help you improve customer experience and thus the conversion rate by solving users’ problems, telling your story and increasing credibility.

Cross-Platform and Cross-Industry Experience

Cross-Platform and Cross-Industry Experience

You can take advantage of our UI/UX designers to prototype different apps and games, for various platforms and across many industries.

UIUX Design Closely Connected to Software Development

UI/UX Design Closely Connected to Software Development

Our UI/UX design and development process is closely connected with software development.

You can use it as a stand-alone service or as part of our whole software development offer.

Easy and Flexible Access to UIUX Designers

Easy and Flexible Access to UI/UX Designers

You can hire our highly skilled, experienced and cost-effective UI/UX designers immediately, using them to provide you with a full-cycle UI/UX service or just to consult selected issues.

We offer the following UI and UX design and development services:

UIUX Advisory

UI/UX Advisory

  • Building the understanding of the set goals.
  • Evaluation of how to create/improve end-user efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction.
  • Research to discover knowledge gaps and align your assumptions with real user expectations.

Information Architecture and Wireframes

Information Architecture and Wireframes

  • Visualizing data structures and UI features with clickable prototypes.
  • Designing user experience and interaction design.
  • Early testing of workflows, navigation and overall data structure.

User Testing

User Testing

  • Establishing the right KPIs.
  • User-testing sessions and detailed analysis to transform test results into actionable design improvements.
  • Different testing methods selected depending on the project.

Creating a User Interface

Creating a User Interface

  • Creation of an attractive user interface to add a deeper and more emotional level to the designed app user experience.
  • Making sure the app is presented with the required degree of integrity with your brand image.



You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.

Steve Jobs

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