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Being a partner of ADVA, Euvic offers a wide range of ADVA Optical Networking solutions, including for optical transport (FSP 3000 platform), network virtualization (ADVA Ensemble product) and network management. ADVA has a clear vision to transport data, storage, voice and video signals at native speed and low latency. The company’s products are the building blocks for tomorrow’s networks, enabling the transport of increasing amounts of data across the globe. Using ADVA’s intelligent solutions you can build scalable networks to meet increasing bandwidth demands.

Why should you use ADVA’s solutions for optical transport, network virtualization and fiber monitoring and order their delivery and installation with Euvic?

Scalable Optical Foundation for Your Network

Scalable Optical Foundation for Your Network

ADVA’s FSP 3000 platform offers Optical and Ethernet provisioning for seamless end-to-end connectivity from the access to the metro and on to long haul.

First-Class Solution for Network Virtualization

First-Class Solution for Network Virtualization

ADVA Ensemble is a leading virtualization transformation solution providing a full eco-system for virtualization, including Ensemble Connector, Orchestrator and Controller.

Easy Network Management and Fiber Monitoring

Easy Network Management and Fiber Monitoring

ADVA’s Automated Network Management and ALM simplifies network management and fiber monitoring, providing clients with a microscopic understanding of their infrastructure.

Comprehensive Offer

Comprehensive Offer

We can deliver, install and maintain all ADVA’s products, including the FSP 3000 platform, ADVA Ensamble and ADVA Automated Network Management.

ADVA’s FSP 3000 platform


  • A scalable optical transport solution designed to respond to today’s exploding bandwidth demands.
  • Whether you’re a service provider or an enterprise, the modular design of FSP 3000 ensures your networks are built on a flexible WDM foundation.


  • FSP 3000 CloudConnect was built together with major Internet Content Providers (ICPs) and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).
  • It is the industry’s only truly open Data Center Interconnect (DCI) solution.
  • It supports both Open Optical Line System (OOLS) hardware and OpenConfig protocols to support real best-in-breed networks.
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Arkadiusz Borowy

Arkadiusz Borowy

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ADVA’s Ensamble

Ensemble Connector

Ensemble Orchestrator

Ensemble Controller

  • Enables pure-play virtualization: open software running on open commercial off-the-shelf servers.
  • Eliminates vendor lock-in so service providers are free to mix-and-match best-of-breed software and hardware.
  • Designed to help communication service providers achieve the greatest cost savings and respond quickly and appropriately for revenue growth.
  • An open source SDN controller and management system.
  • Equipped with a powerful web-based graphical user interface, it establishes and manages overlay-networking configurations for VNF service chains.

ADVA’s Automated Network Management and Fiber Monitoring

  • ADVA FSP Network Manager is the basis for automating network management. It provides comprehensive and automatic configuration, management and supervision of the network of ADVA FSP products.
  • It is responsible for easy and fast launching and management of existing services on the network.
  • ADVA’s ALM technology provides SPs with full visibility of their passive fiber networks.
  • It concurrently monitors up to 16 fibers by feeding an optical test signal into the data-carrying fiber at unused spectrum, enabling fully non-intrusive monitoring of the fiber plant.



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