Largest capital exit in the history of Euvic

The year 2020 is a year of strategic changes for Euvic, related to further development and consolidation of the group companies. These are linked to many capital and technological decisions, significant from the perspective of implementing the adopted business strategy – Integrator 2.0, which describes a company that comprehensively supports the implementation of complex IT projects.

Bonair joins the Fellowmind group

As decided by the management board, Euvic Group is moving away from the production and implementation of ERP systems, focusing on the development of four key business pillars of the group (Software Development, Body/Team Leasing, IT Infrastructure and Innovations), as well as on the selection of a new, fifth sector with appropriate scaling potential.

“The phase of business development that we are currently in is the moment when we are choosing the path we are going to follow. Drawing conclusions from investments in IT Works and Edge One, we want to raise funds for the largest such operation in our history. This is a new path of development, but we are still not forgetting about organic growth, which, despite the crisis, we are maintaining at a two-digit level”
comments Wojciech Wolny, President of Euvic.

As a result of the consistently implemented business strategy, Euvic sold its Bonair shares. The IT company specializing in the implementation of ERP and CRM systems was acquired by the Dutch holding company Fellowmind. Thanks to this transaction, both Euvic and Bonair will be able to better fulfill their ambitious development plans.

“I am convinced that this is a good business decision, which will guarantee the sustainable development of both companies. We are going to watch Bonair’s activities with attention and interest, cheering the entire team on their way to further success.”
adds Wojciech Wolny, President of Euvic.

However, leaving the group does not mean the end of cooperation. Although the company is changing ownership, it remains in a partnership with Euvic and therefore will be responsible for the development of ERP projects, as it has already done before.

Euvic on the way to building the fifth pillar

Euvic’s priority is to provide customers with technological peace of mind. According to this idea, the company follows a business model based on 360-degree services, which makes possible to provide customers with comprehensive technical support at every stage of their IT projects. The company has retained the ability of maintaining financial and accounting systems and their integration. However, as Wojciech Kosiński, Vice President of Euvic emphasizes, the implementation of a system of this class alone requires specialized business knowledge, which makes this area difficult to scale.

Significant changes in Euvic Group are primarily focused on development and search for scale. Their main goal is to provide reliable, innovative, flexible solutions for companies from all over the world, regardless of their size or business sector.