Licenses to use Microsoft software (MOLP)

Take advantage of our Microsoft Software Licensing Service to understand Microsoft´s complex product licensing, avoid under or over licensing, and reduce costs when negotiating Microsoft volume license agreement. We have been participating in the Microsoft volume license programs as well as we have sold Microsoft licenses based on the Microsoft Open License Pack (MOLP) and Open Value models for over a decade. Being an authorized Microsoft Licensing Solutions Partner, we act as a trusted partner to many medium-sized and large international enterprises as well as public and academic organizations, helping them to leverage Microsoft’s software licensing policy.

Why should you use our Microsoft Software Licensing Service(MOLP)?

Certified Microsoft Licensing Specialists

You will be served by certified specialists, holding a Microsoft Licensing Solutions Partner title and several other gold competencies in various areas.

SPLA Licensing Provider

Participating in the SPLA program, we have helped many organizations around the world to manage their Microsoft software licensing issues, from Microsoft server software to cloud-based solutions, including Office 365.

Automated Microsoft Licensing Management

Your Microsoft licensing management will be partly automated and optimized on an on-going basis with special software we use, while maintaining license compliance.

"What if” Analysis

With our Microsoft Software Licensing Service you will be able to see the impact of hardware, software and cloud-related changes before the changes are actually made.

We cover the entire Microsoft volume license program portfolio (servers, apps and systems)

  • Open License and Open Value Subscription.
  • Select Plus.
  • Enterprise Agreements, including Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS), Server & Cloud Enrolment (SCE) and Enrolment for Windows Azure (EWA).
  • Campus Agreement/ Enrolment for Education Solutions (EES).
  • Software Assurance.

Using our Microsoft software licensing team of certified experts you can

  • Choose the best licensing options for Microsoft software you use or are planning to use.
  • Negotiate good prices of your Microsoft licenses.
  • Acquire Microsoft licenses through our service.
  • Minimize legal risks associated with using Microsoft software inappropriately.