Software migration to newer technologies

Rapid development of hardware and software technologies affects the life cycle of IT systems. Along with their complexity, migrations are becoming more involved, and significant as far as the operational costs are concerned.

Everyday work productivity

Migration projects, especially those of large and main IT systems can often be challenging, subjecting the implementation to risks that not always can be predicted. Redesigning and rewriting legacy apps using newer, supported technologies help businesses to maintain their competitiveness and sustain everyday work productivity.

We have executed hundreds of migration projects, which makes us capable of upgrading IT systems even without access to the source code.

  • Full support during various migration projects.
  • Short migration time guaranteed by semi-automated application upgrade platform (a unique fusion of human and machine effort).
  • The highest quality of projects due to the use of best practices and leading frameworks.

IT systems performance

The key point of each migration strategy is to guarantee functional support for critical applications vital for efficient business operations. This is why we begin all our migration projects from clearly defining the business case, distributing tasks in order to quickly ensure full effectiveness of the whole system at the same time. We provide seamless transition from legacy apps or technologies to current solutions, minimizing the duration of scheduled maintenance period.

We support our clients during data or business process migration on a daily basis, guarantying a number of tangible benefits.

What can we do for you?

Examples of technolgies used in migration projects

technologies that can be updated

Example of migration projects

Cost optimization

IT systems that are vital for correct functioning of entire organizations are often outdated, therefore, it is worth considering migration to newer technologies. We can easily define the scope of necessary as well as optional features by using the legacy version of a system as the specification for the new software.

  • Decreased time of requirements gathering.
  • Lower cost of requirements gathering.
  • Minimized risk of errors.
  • Possibility of adding new features as early as at the functional analysis stage.
  • Optimized maintenance cost and cheaper development.

Full expert support

The knowledge of variety of hardware and software as well as their dynamic development allows us to take a holistic approach to the subject, supporting our clients at every stage of the process.

steps of a migration project

Quality assurance

We help our clients gain technological advantage by taking full responsibility for managing software migration while working on simple as well as advanced projects.

  • Conducting regular updates of all IT systems (all vendors).
  • Improving organization and implementation of migration process thanks to an in-depth understanding of the business case.
  • Providing the highest quality of migrated code due to thorough testing.
  • Support and maintenance of updated software.