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Modernizing the IT environment in the public transport sector

The right choice of IT systems has a real impact on the cost efficiency of public transport. Introducing innovations in transport companies makes it possible to guarantee the reliability of their operation control system, to improve dispatch planning for drivers and vehicles, to react on an ongoing basis to occurring incidents, and to keep comprehensive reports and statistics.

Management problems

Large cities both in Poland and all over the world are increasingly struggling with the organization of public transport. This requires looking for new and alternative solutions, especially in terms of innovativeness. One of our customers, a leading European public transport operator, decided to modernize technological solutions used in their company.
Technological debt had become a problem for them. The IT environment was old and unstable, which made it unable to adapt to the dynamic increase of the level of digitization. The negative consequences were the decrease in the speed of work and problems with public transport downtime. This resulted in high financial penalties for the company.

Environment migrations

As part of our cooperation with the client, we provided a team of developers, DevOps resources, and support services.

Digital development was supported by integrating IT projects and systems using a cloud-based solution and conducting a migration process to AWS. The migration was performed in two ways: all new services were built directly on AWS, and other parts were migrated from existing environments.

  • Since the launch of the bus portal, the company has had zero downtime on its platform and the number of technical issues has been reduced to a minimum.
  • The communication system between the base and a vehicle is also constantly being improved.
  • Technological developments have contributed to providing faster access to data for both bus drivers and traffic planners.
  • The innovations that were introduced provided the ability to send information in real-time to traffic operators.

As a result of working with us, the customer now provides real-time traffic information while guaranteeing high availability of information and efficient customer service.

We watch with interest as year after year the transportation industry gradually changes and benefits from innovation. Solutions that guarantee safe and inexpensive travel are becoming the norm. Staying connected to headquarters allows you to react and make changes as soon as there is an incident on the route. Significant improvements in customer service for transport companies provide better working conditions for drivers, more efficient communication and increased passenger satisfaction.