People Productions

People Productions required a new IT-infrastructure to meet the growing business needs. The on-premise solution was not scalable and reliable enough to meet their business goals, therefore People Productions started looking for a new solution.

After carefully evaluating different options People Productions decided to migrate to AWS with the help of Euvic, an AWS partner.

Moving to AWS enabled People Productions to build an environment that automatically scales to meet their customers demand, increases the reliability and uptime while at this same time lowering the costs when compared to the on-premises solution.

Peoples Productions used the migration to move to open-source. Euvic assisted them with migration from SQL Server to PostgreSQL leveraging AWS Relational Database Service (RDS). This allowed Peoples Productions to increase the performance and at the same time lower cost.

Kalle Olby COO at People Productions commented on the result of the project:

“The result has been everything we expected from moving to AWS. The response time from AWS cloud is incredibly fast, and the system is very stable. The choice of AWS over other cloud providers was due to AWS providing the lowest TCO for us as well as offering the greatest scale and the broadest set of services and features. Low cost and high elasticity make AWS perfect for running web applications.”