Self-assessment questionnaire

Self-assessment questionnaire

Use this self-assessment questionnaire to understand your organization’s current situation and how the next-gen ideation-as-a-service approach can help.

Do you use the ideation-as-a-service approach (also known as rapid prototyping, minimum viable product creation, innovation workshops) to test and verify new ideas in your organization?

How much does it take to get a team for your ideation-as-a-service workshops?

Do you run your Ideation sessions mainly with an internal or external team?

Do you ask two or more separate IT teams to do the same development work at the Ideation stage to compare results?

What do you get from your Ideation sessions?

Do you feel that you have obtained all answers to your questions after the Ideation stage?

How much does the whole Ideation phase take? (including team assembly)

How fast are you able to go from Ideation to development?


It looks like your organization doesn’t use “Ideation as a service” at all. It may be a good idea to start using it if you are serious about transforming your enterprise into a digital business and supporting innovation in your organization. The ideation-as-a-service workshops can help you to test and verify new digital ideas within weeks. After an ideation-as-a-service project you will have a clear view of what the business potential of your idea is and how to deliver it (including a working prototype). There is no better way to accelerate your journey to a digital enterprise.

It's good that you use ideation-as-a-service workshops but it looks like it does not work as well as it could. Does it take too much time to gather a team? Are answers from the Ideation phase not completely satisfying? Is the transition to the development phase too time-consuming? All these things not only limit the pace of innovation implementation in your organization but may even lead to the killing of a good idea in its seed. The whole process can be done much faster and better.

It works but there is still room for improvement. Have you ever tried to ask two separate development teams to do the same work and then compare their work results to choose the best bits? Do you have a feeling that things could go faster and your Ideation team should be more interdisciplinary? Your intuition is right. You can do that better and faster.

It seems that the entire Ideation process works very well in your organization and, most importantly, you are pleased with it. The better is the enemy of the good, which is why it is worth just stopping to think about how the whole process could be even more optimized but without making any sudden and big changes.


Do you want to talk about the findings of the questionnaire? Are you interested in ideation-as-a-service workshops? Fill out the fields below and we will contact you within a few days.