Storage Hardware – Storage Servers and Storage Arrays

Need storage hardware, including storage servers and storage arrays? We can deliver to you the most reliable and modern storage devices from leading manufacturers Our storage consultants will analyze and design storage systems for you to improve their effectiveness, reduce their complexity and costs, at the same time applying scalability to meet your business needs. All of this while keeping all your data safe and ensuring long-term usability of your investment.

Design and deliver your storage hardware infrastructure (servers and arrays) with Euvic

We can provide you with storage hardware, including servers and arrays, from leading manufactures such as Dell, EMC, NetApp, Lenovo and HP.

We will deliver to you dedicated and most suitable storage solutions, meeting your specific business needs and compatible with your existing hardware infrastructure.

Cooperating with us you will get a flexible server infrastructure that ensures high availability and optimization of your day-to-day business operations for a long time.

Along with the storage hardware, we will provide you with consulting services helping you to take the right decisions regarding each aspect of your storage infrastructure.

serwer Dell

Meet our storage hardware (servers and arrays)-related services

  • Analyzing and designing your future storage systems.
  • Current storage infrastructure optimization.
  • Selecting the most suitable storage servers and storage arrays from the offers of all leading storage manufacturers to meet your business needs.
  • Delivery and installation of the storage devices.
  • 24/7 technical support.

Marcin Wojtaszek

Director of Infrastructure