Technologies for smart cities

Looking at challenges of the modern world and the pace of our lives, more and more cities recognize the need for wise technological support. IT projects in the area of smart cities facilitate access to public services and movement in urban space, as well as improve the quality of service and communication between citizens and offices.


The Gdańsk Contact Center (GCK) is a Call Center system created for the residents of Gdańsk and its visitors. That is a technological answer to their needs and problems. It allows authorities to provide information on city affairs, receive notifications, conduct public consultations, and manage notifications from residents.

This unique solution combines Service Desk and Call Center systems – it allows residents to contact the city authorities, register their notifications, and supervise their service. It is based on two integrated systems: Hermes.Net Contact Center and Atmosfera.

  • Maintenance and support in the 24/7 model.
  • Software development support.
  • Prince2 change management procedure.

Report handling

All subordinate City Hall units are involved in handling requests in the Atmosfera system. Each of these units has been provided with headsets that are used to consult and support the work of the GCK when servicing residents. Thanks to this, GCK has direct contact not only with residents but also with all subordinate units.

  • Number of entries: > 100,000
  • Monthly number of entries: > 5000

Basic platform functionalities

The GCK platform has been integrated with 4 other systems operating at the Gdańsk City Hall. It is a comprehensive tool that provides the following functionalities:

  • ticket management
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • resident profile
  • opinion polling
  • newsletter
  • outbound campaigns
  • reports
  • handling of notifications from the Gdańsk Order Map
  • GCK knowledge base
  • access to EZD PUW

Supported communication channels




Social Media








Internet forms



Communication scheme

„GCK is a connected vessel – we combine IT, knowledge gathered by many officials, openness to problems, and readiness to respond quickly. From the very start of the GCK until now, we have seen a huge increase in the number of applications. Residents get used to this form of contact with the City Hall and its units.”

Tomasz Filipowicz, director of the Civil Affairs Department, leader of the Contact Center urban project


Triggo is an electric, two-wheeled four-wheeler adapted to move on the increasingly crowded streets of big cities. It is a combination of a car and a motorcycle, which is the result of love of big cities and aversion to huge traffic jams. Created with the help of Euvic, the remote monitoring, and control system for components that this vehicle is equipped with is designed to revolutionize transport in large metropolises, allowing their residents to move faster and more efficiently.

  • Better use of valuable urban space.
  • Less burden on city traffic.
  • Advanced security and monitoring functions.

Efficiency of a bike, safety, and comfort of the car

Triggo is the first vehicle that can be as narrow as a motorcycle and efficiently sneak between cars in traffic jams. It has a variable track width system on the front axle, thanks to which it can “fold” the front suspension and reduce its width to just 90 centimeters. To use it, all you need is a category B driving license.


The vehicle will be available in the carsharing model and, as it turns out, will also introduce innovations into this world. It will be equipped with an autonomy module, although slightly different than the one known for example, from Tesla, and it will be able to move independently at speeds up to 25km/h.

If the system notices that there are no free cars at a point with high demand, it will be able to send a signal to those standing in less crowded locations, so that Triggo cars will move to where they are needed. What’s more, it will be possible, as in the case of Uber, to order Triggo yourself to a selected place.

Battery change

Triggo operates based on a system of replaceable modular batteries, which you can replace in two ways – thanks to the support of mobile operators or on your own, using “parcel lockers” with batteries. It’s a fast and convenient form that will appeal to even the busiest users.

The distinguishing features of this solution are:

  • unified battery system for various vehicles (4th generation electric city bike, scooter, Triggo),
  • full independence from urban charging infrastructure.

Genesis and inspiration

Traffic jams – observation from life: commuting to work between Bemowo and Mokotów districts in Warsaw:

icon car

1h 20 min


20 min


icon car




* Statistical ratio of free parking spaces during rush hours

Triggo is an innovation in urban e-mobility. It combines the advantages of a car and a motorcycle while eliminating their biggest disadvantages. It is a means of transport created to meet the needs of modern people and a must-have for intelligent cities.

  • Practical.
  • Multigrade.
  • Agile.
  • Safe.
„The involvement of people in this innovative and interdisciplinary project is another example of what ventures currently interest engineering staff. From the IT point of view, the possibility of full software integration with the hardware platform, cooperation with specialists from other fields, and research elements in the project are always an extremely interesting experience. Leaving the beaten paths towards areas requiring a combination of courage and reason is inspiring, especially when in the end you can see the satisfaction of the result achieved together”.

Tomasz Sobczak, Projekt Manager at Euvic

To meet the needs and expectations of modern cities and people, we create innovative technological solutions. We change our everyday life so that we can all live better.