Application testing and Software Quality Assurance (QA)

The increasing level of complexity of IT systems as well as growing needs, expectations, and requirements of users towards their reliability and predictability, make their quality progressively more important. This is the reason why it is worth to take a good care of the areas related to software development and testing.

Guarantee of the highest quality

In order to provide the highest quality in all executed projects, we have created our own application testing and quality control center. It combines qualified testers with standardized processes adapted to client needs, along with specialized tools and infrastructure.

We have carried out many web, mobile, and desktop app projects, all different in technology, scale, and business domain. Today, BrE team have broad experience (proven by ISTQB certificates and executed projects), allowing to approach your business needs in an unconventional and effective way.

  • Taking full ownership of the testing and QA area.
  • Guarantee of the highest quality assured by appropriate processes, tools, and corporate culture.
  • Creating systems with accordance to the highest standards.

Comprehensive support

In the interest of the highest quality of tested solutions, we provide our clients with precise test reports, implementing KPI metrics into the whole testing process.

Most often, we focus on the area of functional tests, where the test team follows the business requirements that need to be fulfilled by a given application. To make testing more effective, we offer a number of tests, at many levels of software development process.

Manual tests Automatic tests Integration tests End-to-end tests Acceptance tests
Tests based on scenarios reflecting the actual use of functionalities and features of the system. Used mainly in long-term or iterative projects, seen as an addition to manual tests. They decrease the time needed for testing in comparison to using manual tests only. Low-level tests, verifying interaction between integrated units. All actions related to comprehensive verification if all components work according to the specification. Final tests to verify if the system meets business requirements.

What can we do for you?

Support and automation of tests

In order to successfully execute application testing and Quality Assurance projects, we utilize the leading test automation and support tools.



Reduction of costs

Managing the quality of the developed software along with tests, helps in quick detection and elimination of bugs as well as preventing them. It is important to remember that there is a direct relation between the time of detection of a bug and the cost of correcting it. Quick detection of bugs allows to significantly lower the infrastructure costs.

  • Comprehensive outsourcing of tests.
  • Project execution according to agreed scope and schedule.
  • The highest quality of key software components.

Full effectiveness

Focusing on finding bugs and anomalies in applications as well as conducting various types of tests at different levels, are preventive measures that should be included in all software development processes. Our testers go beyond the usual scope of testing, focusing on usability and UX of tested apps by sharing their valuable observations with developers, allowing to increase the quality of implementations.

  • Quick response to detected problems.
  • Increased business credibility and customer satisfaction.
  • Decreased systems maintenance costs by assuring their high quality and reliability.
  • Increased productivity translating into quicker time to market and ROI.