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Outsourcing of SharePoint competencies and IT infrastructure support for a client from the military industry

Mass migrations of people make it necessary to change the approach to security issues and consequently make it important to use digital technologies for border protection. Monitoring the movement of the population is of particular importance now, in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, the spread of which is facilitated by high levels of travel.


Body/Team Leasing Pillar

We are well aware that, if you are not an IT specialist, it is extremely difficult, to keep up with changing technology. That is why one of the 4 key pillars of our business activity (besides Software Development, IT Infrastructure, and Innovations) is Body/Team Leasing. Today we briefly talk about what Body/Team Leasing is, who should consider this model […]


Integrator 2.0, or the practical application of a business model based on 360° services

Observing the technological and business changes taking place on the market, we transform our business, adapting it to the current environment and the current needs of our customers. All this to comprehensively support the development of a complex and challenging business world using modern technologies.


A 360° service business model – what is it, and what benefits does it guarantee?

The IT market is changing very dynamically. Products and services evolve as fast as the expectations and needs of their consumers. The trend of sector and solution specialization has been evident for some time now. More and more often, there is a shift from a project approach to a process approach, and companies looking for IT partners are increasingly […]

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Body/Team Leasing in the Euvic group – a pillar reinforced with knowledge and experience of Edge One Solutions

The progressing digitalization makes the IT structures of modern companies complicated and the flow of data difficult. Moreover, without being an IT specialist, it is extremely difficult to keep your hand on the technological pulse. So, what to do to improve the current functioning of the company and ensure its future development? Nowadays, the key is the outsourcing of […]