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Efficient resource management in the financial sector

The financial sector relies heavily on data and actively seeks new correlations, relationships or indicators that will allow it to better predict various behaviors. That is why it is eager to take advantage of the benefits of technology. All this is meant to support and improve processes around customer service and, consequently, to increase competitiveness. Improving international cooperation One […]


SAP system implementation in the arms industry

The arms industry should be the driving force of the economy and that is why it must choose the newest technologies. According to Witold Slowik, the former President of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (Polish Arms Group), the industry, unfortunately, lacks sufficient capital for necessary investments that would enable it to catch up with the latest technologies.


E-commerce, omnichannel and telecommunications – how does technology support modern business?

The value of the telecommunications market was estimated by the Office of Electronic Communications at PLN 39.6 billion in 2019, which represented an increase of PLN 0.4 billion from 2018. The most important telecommunications service for users proved to be access to broadband Internet, which is already available inĀ 75% of households in Poland.


Creating, maintaining, and expanding an IT system for a client from the public administration sector

Nowadays, we are dealing with an increasingly dynamic population flow and migration, especially economic migration, is no longer a surprising phenomenon. Public administration has to adjust to this world that is open to people, reaching for newer and better-developed e-services. The goal is to provide the public administration and citizens with the possibility to handle day-to-day administrative matters quickly and efficiently.

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Efficient Error Management in the manufacturing industry with BizTalk

The value of the market of production and sale of alcoholic drinks is estimated at over 50 billion PLN. The key success factor in this industry is the ability of companies to quickly adapt to new trends and changes in legal regulations while facing constantly growing competition. Companies are increasingly willing to introduce innovations. However, it is necessary to remember […]


E-commerce solutions for the home & decor market

The year 2020 has imposed a rapid pace of development on the e-commerce sector, and the increases in the digitalization of the society and the frequency of online shopping were among the highest in history. Providers of IT solutions and the e-commerce industry are cooperating closely, and the boundary between online and offline markets is becoming increasingly […]


Implementation of a billing system in the energy industry

The electric energy market is characterized by high dynamics of development and considerable complexity of sale and distribution service accounts. The key challenges in this area include the need for issuing invoices for thousands of customers at the same time and relatively frequent changes in the regulations governing this area. As a result, billing systems are nowadays […]

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Modernizing the IT environment in the public transport sector

The right choice of IT systems has a real impact on the cost efficiency of public transport. Introducing innovations in transport companies makes it possible to guarantee the reliability of their operation control system, to improve dispatch planning for drivers and vehicles, to react on an ongoing basis to occurring incidents, and to keep comprehensive reports and statistics.