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Azure IoT Central is now available to the public. What to expect?

It enables Rolls-Royce to predict the exploration date of the aircraft components and to reduce the time their planes spend on the ground. It provides a precise weather forecast for Alaska, that affects both roads safety and the state budget. Internet of Things. You neither  need cloud solution development skill sets, nor resources, to start digital transformation in your […]


Serverless. It really saves resources

Every cloud-based solution brings the promise of considerable savings. Serverless is yet another breakthrough in IT solutions. The idea behind serverless is to enable payment exclusively for the resources that you actually use. Calculated with extreme accuracy. It allows achieving impressive savings, which remained beyond grasp during all the years of implementing cloud solutions. No other solution […]


How to reap full benefits of the cloud

Deployment of cloud-based solutions is exploding. However, most companies achieve only 20% of their cloud-related goals. How to avoid disastrous mistakes and learn from the best-in-class companies, like Netflix? IDC estimates that global companies’ expenditure on cloud computing will be growing 6 times faster in 2020 than investment in other IT areas and, according to a recent report by Radar, the […]