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Five business areas worth implementing AI

Companies are moving from experimenting with Artificial Intelligence to implementing it – shows recent report by IBM and Oxford Economics. CEOs surveyed by the researchers point to five areas where they expect AI to be the most beneficial to their businesses. AI capabilities are becoming more and more mature, and enterprise adoption is becoming widespread. More executives than ever are declaring […]


Artificial Intelligence: no longer an expensive gimmick, but a new source of revenues

Artificial Intelligence is no longer an exciting novelty, but it is becoming an increasingly important tool for business striving to gain competitive advantage. Kiva, the Amazon’s robot or the face recognition function in iPhone X – not to mention client chatbots – are just some of the first examples of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used […]


Digital maturity pays off

Digital maturity helps generate savings and develop your organization. Digital maturity means that an organization is actively exploiting the digital space and is keen to implement IT solutions within its structure. This year’s edition of “Digital Business Report” – research conducted globally by MIT and Deloitte, indicates that digital maturity goes hand in hand with the overall […]