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Nearshoring in Europe. Choose the best country for IT outsourcing

Easy to reach, but politically unstable. Offering low labor costs, but lacking talent able to communicate fluently in English. With highly skilled specialists, but also cultural differences. Choosing the right country for nearshoring requires conducting in-depth research and may seem complicated. However, it is enough to take a few key factors into consideration to simplify making the final decision.   […]


How innovative IT services helped Arriva become more competitive

Euvic, by solving the critical problems of Arriva’s IT-services and improving the existing services, helped its client to leverage the new platform. And, as a result, to win more business.   What was the aim Arriva Sweden* was running its infrastructure from a co-location site in Denmark supporting over 3900 employees and providing services to 170 million customers every year. The on-premises solution […]