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employees of a call centre

A holistic approach to call centers – how to build an effective ecosystem step by step?

We believe that communication with the customer is the foundation of any business. More and more often, we take full responsibility for the technology and implement for our customers the omnichannel strategy with the helpline as its central point. All this to help them keep in touch with their target group – in various languages, across all channels, […]


The role of call centers in modern organizations

There is no need to explain that the call center is the first line of contact with customers and represents the brand in their eyes. It allows collecting a huge amount of data supporting the everyday work of consultants. It also makes it easier to follow the fast-changing market trends, giving the possibility to stand out from the competition.

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Outsourcing of SharePoint competencies and IT infrastructure support for a client from the military industry

Mass migrations of people make it necessary to change the approach to security issues and consequently make it important to use digital technologies for border protection. Monitoring the movement of the population is of particular importance now, in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, the spread of which is facilitated by high levels of travel.


Nearshoring in Europe. Choose the best country for IT outsourcing

Easy to reach, but politically unstable. Offering low labor costs, but lacking talent able to communicate fluently in English. With highly skilled specialists, but also cultural differences. Choosing the right country for nearshoring requires conducting in-depth research and may seem complicated. However, it is enough to take a few key factors into consideration to simplify making the final decision.   […]


Why nearshoring is gaining popularity

Lower costs, high level of competence and quality of work. Nearshoring is becoming more and more popular and countries such as Poland, Czech Republic or Romania are becoming European IT outsourcing centres. Why is the trend moving from far-away outsourcing in India and Africa, to nearshoring in eastern Europe?   According to Deloitte Global outsourcing survey, 74 percent […]


Your service desk: 5 signs it’s time to change it

Technology has completely changed the way we do business business. It doesn’t matter whether you keep your service desk „at home” or  outsource it, there are some signs it is high time to change it. It’s already obvious: legacy IT systems do not fit the rapidly changing business demands. Well, you may even be ready to adopt new technologies, but […]


Why do CIOs choose outsourcing?

According to the 2018 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey, the rising demand for ‘security and resilience’ talent is one of the main reasons for outsourcing jobs. But there are some other crucial reasons as well In their newest IT leadership survey, Harvey Nash and KPMG asked nearly 4,000 CIOs and technology leaders across 84 countries about their attitudes toward various […]