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A holistic approach to call centers – how to build an effective ecosystem step by step?

We believe that communication with the customer is the foundation of any business. More and more often, we take full responsibility for the technology and implement for our customers the omnichannel strategy with the helpline as its central point. All this to help them keep in touch with their target group – in various languages, across all channels, […]


The role of call centers in modern organizations

There is no need to explain that the call center is the first line of contact with customers and represents the brand in their eyes. It allows collecting a huge amount of data supporting the everyday work of consultants. It also makes it easier to follow the fast-changing market trends, giving the possibility to stand out from the competition.


E-commerce solutions for the home & decor market

The year 2020 has imposed a rapid pace of development on the e-commerce sector, and the increases in the digitalization of the society and the frequency of online shopping were among the highest in history. Providers of IT solutions and the e-commerce industry are cooperating closely, and the boundary between online and offline markets is becoming increasingly […]


Support in the field of software development for e-commerce clients

The retail trade is undergoing rapid digitization and is one of those industries that are especially eager to implement new technologies. In 2019, the value of the Polish e-commerce market was 50 billion PLN. The dynamically changing needs, expectations, and habits of consumers and the consequent shopping model turn out to be a real opportunity for the development of […]


Professional analysis of customer behavior

Nowadays there is nothing more valuable than information. Knowledge of our customers’ preferences and habits and knowledge of their behavior not only allow us to react to their needs in real-time but above all, they allow us to conclude and better plan long-term activities. One of our start-ups called MovStat is perfectly aware of this fact. To meet the […]


Health Compliance in retail

I was inspired to write this article by an event that took place in one of the village shops belonging to the TopMarket chain. In a hurry, I jumped out of the car to do some quick shopping. In a hurry, so without my face shield, which, by the way, I have been always keeping in my car recently (I recommend it, it is more comfortable than […]

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Intelligent rack, or consignment warehouse in trade

Consignment warehouses (in short, separate suppliers’ warehouses at the company’s headquarters) were initially used mainly in international trade and this is how they are nowadays understood in the light of the VAT Act. Their origins should be sought in the industrial sector, where there has always been a problem of ensuring continuity of supplies of raw […]