widok aplikacji Bezpieczny Staż

The Euvic application supports youth from Orphanages

Developers from Euvic volunteered to create a back-end application to support an internship program for youth of the Independent Robinsons Foundation. The online application facilitates searching for offers by trainees and completing surveys evaluated by employers.

The Independent Robinsons Foundation has developed a social program “Safe internship” that enables young people from foster care to gain first experience in the labor market in a safe and friendly business environment. Euvic employees became involved in the volunteer foundation project – they wrote back-end of the bezpiecznystaz.pl application and they are constantly looking after her. The role of programmers is not limited to one-time code development – users during their work reports the need to create new functionalities or optimize already existing functions.

After logging in to the safestaz.pl website, employees go through mentoring and can also keep an internship journal. After completing the internship, each participant has the opportunity to assess both the company and their mentor, while the mentor and guardian from the foundation write opinions about the trainee.

Part of the website created by Euvic is a tool called the Independence Index – this is a test developed by experts from the Foundation based on their many years of experience, used to assess key areas of independence. Every person can use this tool – not only interns. The survey offers two types of feedback. The first one is a message generated automatically by the algorithm of the program, the second is the opinion given by one of the program’s caretakers.

The Quiz Testing Vocational Preferences has also been added to the application. It is used to prepare for a specific internship, it can be used in analogy to the Independence Index – after completing it, the trainee will also receive a useful opinion. Euvic is responsible for the design and coding of the back-end part as part of this project, as well as support for new functions and the bezpiecznystaz.pl application service.

Magdalena Kępka – a member of the board of the Independent Robinsons Foundation sums up the Safe Internship program:

The foundation’s beneficiaries are young people who are often deprived of family support and like shipwrecked people they are struggling with feelings of helplessness and fear of another failure. Because of their lack of self-confidence and lack of support in the family, they often withdraw from situations that require perseverance and give up chances that can change their fate. The Foundation is trying to teach young people how to gain economic, social and emotional independence – how to break the vicious circle of helplessness, how to break barriers, how to fight for their place in the world and in society. A “Safe Internship” is a tool that is a great help in the development of our students. We are glad that so many companies have expressed their willingness to participate in the program. We are grateful to Euvic for your help in building the safestaz.pl application.