The future marked with the cloud. The Euvic Group begins its cooperation with the National Cloud Operator.

In early July, Euvic Group joined the group of the National Cloud Partners, expanding its portfolio to include services in the area of migration and transformation of IT architecture in the multicloud model. Under the agreement signed by Euvic Solutions S.A. (former Omnitec S.A.), the group’s companies become providers of Cloud Computing services based on the National Cloud Platform in the subcontracting and partner model.
Let’s take a closer look at the cloud.

The presence of cloud solutions has increased innovativeness and accelerated the improvement of business processes based on significant amounts of data. These are the most valuable resource and source of market information. Effective management of data and the use of data processing potential in the creation of new business models is made possible by using the power of computing clouds.

The cloud is the future

Technologies are developing at a breathtaking pace. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, although still under development, will soon be an indispensable element of modern business. Their use in creating innovative solutions in such areas as EdTech, MedTech, FinTech, or SmartCity, involves the need to collect, store, and process huge amounts of data.

“The cloud offers virtually unlimited resources for building IT solutions. The combination of flexibility in the use of computing power, disk space, and additional tools available in the cloud allows you to create prototypes of solutions, test them, and then scale them without losing time. Thanks to the cloud, monetization of data ceases to be a mere catchphrase and becomes a fact that has an impact on the company’s financial result. Our partnership will allow clients of Euvic Group to transfer and develop their IT environments into the cloud according to their needs: on the National Cloud Platform or in the public clouds of Google and Microsoft, our strategic partners. The cooperation between Domestic Cloud and Euvic Group will increase the adoption of cloud solutions in Polish companies, thus strengthening the innovativeness of the Polish economy”
says Dariusz Śliwowski, Vice-President of the Management Board of the National Cloud.

Digital transformation is also becoming increasingly important. Widely talked about in recent years, in the face of the events caused by the pandemic of the last months, it has ceased to be just a “nice to have” for the business, and the development of cloud competencies in transforming organizations has become a priority for entrepreneurs.

According to the survey “Cloud Competences of Companies in Poland 2020” conducted by IDG, even before the pandemic, 63% of companies admitted having a low or medium level of these competencies in their structures. 21% felt the negative impact of their lack on the company’s position and revenues, and 39% (although they did not notice a direct link between their lack and business results) considered that this may change in the future. As it turned out, this future became a reality much faster than expected. The coronavirus epidemic effectively reshaped the business’s view of cloud-based solutions and competencies, which in the search for savings while maintaining operational continuity, is increasingly willing to look towards cost-effective solutions.

“Growing trust in the cloud provides completely new opportunities for IT service providers. In the digital transition, in addition to a well-defined goal, the partner, and advisor who will ensure consistency, security and efficiency of the environment without forgetting about cost optimization is extremely important. Euvic Group, thanks to its competence and experience in implementing complex projects in the area of transformation and migration to the cloud in Poland as well as in other European countries, is becoming a natural player and a potential partner in this area. Thanks to the cooperation with the National Cloud Operator, Euvic Group gains completely new opportunities for its Clients, which will allow for even more effective implementation of projects.”
says Grzegorz Danielczyk, Vice-President of Euvic Solutions S.A.

As these technologies evolve, users’ expectations and needs will change, followed by the evolution of cloud solutions.

The cloud in the world

Most of the IT directors surveyed by Gartner list investments in various cloud services among their top three investment priorities, with cloud services expected to grow to over $266 billion in 2020. According to industry representatives and analysts, the current increase in the value of the public cloud market is just the beginning. By 2022, we can observe the growth of the cloud services segment almost three times higher than that of general IT services, and the market expected to be worth over USD 354 billion.
The most valuable segment of the cloud market is going to be SaaS (USD 116 billion in 2020 and USD 150 billion in 2022) and the second one – IaaS (USD 50 billion in 2020, over USD 74 billion in 2022).

The cloud in Poland

The growing interest in the cloud in the world translates into growing interest and the appearance of cloud solutions on the domestic market. The appearance of the Domestic Cloud on the market is described as the Polish economy development catalyst. Its presence on the local market is a definite asset, especially for companies holding back decisions on data migration to the cloud due to the location of collected data.

The National Cloud is today the most specialized provider of cloud computing solutions on the Polish market, whose main goal is to accelerate the digital transformation of Polish enterprises and public institutions.

Multicloud, migration, transformation

Euvic Group’s partnership with the National Cloud will enable its clients to use cloud services in the multi-cloud model, offering both services provided by the National Cloud Platform and solutions from global public cloud providers: Google and Microsoft. This combination provides customers with the freedom of choice and at the same time optimizes IT processes and costs by shortening project execution and increasing operational efficiency.

Transforming companies can count on support in the implementation of digital strategies, migration, and transformation of their IT architecture, advice on choosing solutions in the field of advanced data analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, which are optimal for their particular industry and development stage. An important role in this process is played by the development of cloud competencies supported by the knowledge and experience of our experts and a program of workshops, training, and certification.

Safe in the cloud

The foundation for the operation of the National Cloud and services within it is regulatory compliance, which is particularly important for entities subject to specific legal conditions, and advanced protection in the sphere of digital security, operating procedures, as well as physical security in data processing centers. This approach is applied throughout the supply chain in close cooperation with global and national partners and is based on the highest standards: ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, and CSA STAR.

The cloud is an essential part of the digital transformation of an organization. An increasing number of modern technologies is developing only in the cloud environment, which optimizes costs and accelerates the implementation of new projects and the process of continuous improvement of already implemented solutions.

“There is no turning back from the cloud, not so much because of infrastructure costs, but because of the licensing policies of global software providers. The National Cloud can become an excellent intermediary in relations with global providers and can also help convince public customers to use modern solutions more boldly.”
comments Wojciech Wolny, President and co-founder of Euvic

Everything seems to indicate that cloud solutions will be one of the highest priority IT areas for business. In each of them, the key is to choose the most appropriate partner and solutions supporting the implementation of long-term goals. Thanks to the partnership with the National Cloud Operator, Euvic Group becomes a direct participant in the market of cloud services, its development and future transformations, and at the same time an active partner in the transformation of many companies. We are facing technologically interesting and cloud-dynamic years. And this is just the beginning.