Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation

Want to use a Virtual-Reality (VR) rehabilitation system with your patients? Got a medical device that you want to equip with VR rehabilitation capabilities? Vast.Rehab, created by Euvic, is a fully-featured rehabilitation system based on virtual-reality and Kinect technology with the flexibility to work for everyone from small physiotherapy practices to the largest hospitals in the world. You can also easily integrate it with 3rd party medical devices to make them more attractive.

Why choose Vast.Rehab?

You can easily install Vast.Rehab in your clinic or private practice, and then teach you patients how to use it. It will help them stay motivated, while allowing you to collect the results of treatment progress.

As Vast.Rehab is cloud-based, the patients can practice at home during customized training sessions and then the system delivers remotely a range of valid performance metrics to the therapist.

VAST.Rehab has been designed with the integration of 3rd party medical devices in mind. For this reason you can easily add VR rehabilitation to your device.

Vast.Rehab is classified as a medical device and it received CE marking conforming to the regulatory system of the EU’s medical device directives.

Use the different services related to our Vast.Rahab system

  • Acquiring a license to use the system at your physiotherapy practice.
  • Product installation and configuration.
  • Product training.
  • Integration with any medical devices.
  • Product support.

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